New online radio show features spiritual teachings

New online radio show features spiritual teachings

“The Gateway to Eternity”, a new on-line, one hour radio show, airs each Tuesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. CST. on , and features wisdom teachings and blessings from a cross section of spiritual teachers and masters.

Hosted by Shayna Bracha and Raj Anand, the show features discussions on topics that range from Tibetan and Native American teachings to Vedic astrology and Kriya yoga. It also showcases guests who are working to uplift humanity.

According to Anand, founder of Sacred Catalog,, an online website where one can discover the works and teachings of great masters through spiritual books and sacred art, “Shayna and I decided to collaborate and start this show to give people around the world an opportunity to hear great teachers and masters share their wisdom .“

“From the comfort of their home or office, people can simply click on the website and receive enlightened teachings without having to attend a workshop or retreat. After the show is over, they can also go back and re-listen to the Wisdom teachings that have been shared. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient.”

Guests to date have included Swami Vishwanada, a Spiritual Master from Mauritius; Lama Jorden, a Buddhist lama from Tibet; and Barbara L. Sykes , a film maker who spoke on making of the upcoming documentary movie on Amma “The Hugging Saint”. The show also features Shri Natha Devi Premananda, a universal teacher from LA, who gives blessings on the show and offer prayers.

Future discussions will include African ritual teachings, teachings of Divine Mother, as well as a talk by Dr. Meir Scheider , who self-healed his own blindness.

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