New Guide Helps Lightworkers Get Started Doing Alternative Healing

New Guide Helps Lightworkers Get Started Doing Alternative Healing

Alternative health is far more familiar now as Eastern medicine has traveled west. Terry Robnett heals both as a Registered Nurse and a Reiki Master. Her new book “The Lightworker’s Guide to Getting Started (Volume 1),” which she co-wrote with Amy Scott Grant, found a familiar audience while it was still in pre-launch. People have seen the light and are eager to begin their new journey.

“I went through every event you touch on in this book,” one reader exclaimed. According to advance feedback, the book “answers so many of the basic questions newbies have.” They describe it as “a fun, readable, instructive, and supportive how-to guide for newbie lightworkers.” Some fans can already “see this as a movie.”

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Robnett is an author, speaker, and master intuitive healer. Her book defines “Lightworker” as someone who works with energy toward a positive end, a calling more and more people are becoming attuned to. “This book will finally show people they are not all going crazy. There is validity in our Divine Compass and we are bound in our journeys to be the facilitators to these souls so that ‘spiritual flow’ can happen without hiccups,” a reader comments enthusiastically. “It is our responsibility to get to them as soon as possible. This book will help a lot of people!”

The fears of unknown practices have all but disappeared as alternative modalities like Acupuncture, Chiropractic’s, Reiki, Prayer, Essential Oils, Meditation and Yoga have gone mainstream. From “Modern Family” to “Roseanne,” Netflix to HBO, the new age information pours in all the time. But who has time to make sense of it all and make it work? Robnett and Grant see the book as the start of a movement for positive change.

“It started out as a book, but it is turning into a whole lot more,” Robnett explains. The co-authors’ private Facebook community, which shares the same name as the book, takes on many of the questions and challenges in a real-time forum. But “having this as an actualized book will help many people. Both who are just coming to learn their gifts as well as others who have found them for a long time and not really known what they mean,” says a reader. “Identifying and enhancing peoples personal practice, giving them tools to grow. These are beneficial gifts to offer others, in this day and age.”

Readers were most moved by “the personal stories” which they found “really adds a nice, relatable feel that many other books may miss.” Spiritual sensitives “like to hear that we are not alone and someone else ‘gets’ it, because they’ve been through a similar experience.”

“Where was this when I was beginning my journey,” one read asks. The answer has been here all along. “The Lightworker’s Guide to Getting Started (Volume 1)” is currently available on Amazon in print format, with the Kindle version scheduled to follow in a few months. This is the fourth Spirituality-based book Robnett, who is is known as the “Whole Being Enhancement Specialist,” published under the Liberto Press imprint in Castle Rock Colorado.

Terry is the owner of two revolutionary companies created to help people take control of their health and well-being:

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