New book explores relation between physical and spiritual worlds

New book explores relation between physical and spiritual worlds

Grief specialist, Karen Schultz unveils life after death in her new book, “Giving Up the Ghost.

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when death can seem so final. Grief support counselor and spiritual medium Karen Schultz has dedicated her life to helping people understand love never dies.

Schultz has more than 30 years of clinical and professional experience as a grief support counselor and is sharing her knowledge on life after death with the intention to heal those grieving and help them restore their lives. In her new book, “Giving Up the Ghost” she explores the connection between the spiritual world (heaven) and the physical world (Earth).

In addition, she takes readers through every step of the healing process, including forgiveness, connecting to the other side, letting go and restoration. After understanding how to let go of grief and explore the connection with the spiritual world, there will be less fear of the unknown and healing can begin.

Schultz’s gift of connecting with the other side allows her to acknowledge death as merely a transition from a physical form to a vibrant state. When in the vibrant state, people are able to receive signs and communicate with lost loved ones. There is another life on the other side.

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Giving Up the Ghost: Let Go Of Grief and Restore Your Life

By Karen Schultz 
ISBN: 978-1499077490 
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris

About the author 
Karen Schultz is a licensed social worker, professional speaker, author and spiritual medium. She maintains a private practice in Hinsdale, Illinois where she focuses on psychotherapy and grief support services. Schultz also teaches classes exploring psychic/intuition development, angels, spirit guides, and how the light of the divine can help heal our body, mind and spirit. This is Schultz’s fourth published book.

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