New Book Explores How Water Can Heal the Body, Mind & Soul

New Book Explores How Water Can Heal the Body, Mind & Soul

Crafted from the life and work of Gunnar V. Espedal, who has personally treated over 100,000 people, ‘New Lease Of Life’ empowers readers to embrace the holistic healing powers of vital water, ionized air, food, fitness fun and faith.

While it may sound like a ridiculously-bold claim, it’s true – Gunnar V. Espedal has used water, its frequencies and healing qualities to bring the dead back to life. In fact, using water and its associated therapeutic/healing qualities, Espedal has helped treat over 100,000 people worldwide.

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Now for the first time, Espedal is compiling his methods and wisdom into a game-changing new book. ‘New Lease Of Life’ is a fun and engrossing healing self-help guide that has readers utilizing and thriving using nothing but the world’s oldest and most abundant resource.


The book is about an original and unusual approach on the holistic prevention, care and cure for all disease, using time tested and scientifically proven methods in the fields of vital water, ionized air, food, fitness fun and faith.

The concepts are clearly laid out in an informative manner, drawing on the extensive experience of the author from diverse field such as Physiotherapy, training, nutrition, acupuncture, reflexology, Bowen therapy, electro-medicine etc.

“I want humanity to once again take responsibility for its vitality, and this book is geared towards helping people actually take tangible action,” explains the author, a regular contributor to Norwegian media. “Put quite simply, water is the mother matrix of all life, hence why it features hugely in this book. From healing wells to saunas, spas, dancing water molecules and even the London Eye – it all has a part to play in life and a boundless ability to heal. We even prove how regular chemical-laden tap water can be restored and the water molecules restructured with energy and oxygen, using a new water frequency generator invented by my brother and I.”

Continuing, “The target audience for this book is huge, spanning both those looking for immediate healing as well as those in good health who are interesting in maintaining their vitality and zest. To that end, there’s also no limit in the geographical catchment of this book. In fact, I’ve recently had it translated into French due to the huge demand from France and other countries using the language.”

‘New Lease of Life’ is released on September 9th.

A fascinating book which blends the author’s research and healing experiences with his own life stories. A book which opens your eyes to the pollutants around you in all aspects of your life and how simple natural therapies have had such a positive effect. I’ve definitely learned a lot from this book and looking forward to the recipes included.
– Kelly Nicole O’Donnellon

About the Author:

Gunnar V. Espedal is the author of New Lease Of Life: Discover the knowledge behind the holistic healing powers of vital water, ionized air, food, fitness, fun and faith that has helped more than 100,000 clients. He is a researcher, inventor and radio presenter on health shows is Norwegian with almost fifty years of clinical practice. He is a marathon runner and father of seven. Having successfully treated and attended to over 100,000 patients worldwide, this award-winning therapist has seen the whole aspect of holistic medicine,-and still keen to learn and share.

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