New Book Examines Energy Medicine

New Book Examines Energy Medicine

“Energy Medicine is the future of our health,” according to holistic health pioneer C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD. His new books Energy Medicine: Practical Applications and Scientific Proof (4th Dimension Press), has a unique combination of practical applications along with complementing alternative therapies for a complete guide to personal health and well being.

Dr. Shealy’s approach to energy medicine incorporates holistic and alternative therapies, offering a practical guide with 10 major complementary and alternative medical (CAM) approaches to: nutrition and lifestyle, mind-body medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Yoga and Ayurvedic medical systems, homeopathy, bioenergetic medicine, herbal medicine, dietary supplements and vitamins, chiropractic and osteopathic therapies, and massage.

C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, is a neurosurgeon, psychologist, and founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association. For over three decades, he has been at the forefront of alternative medicine and alternative health care. He holds 10 patents for innovative discoveries in medicine, has published more than 300 articles, and authored 25 books, including Medical Intuition. He is the co-founder of the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition, and perhaps the world’s foremost medical expert on medical intuition. See an exclusive interview with him at His Web site is

Edgar Cayce founded the non-profit Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in 1931, to explore spirituality, holistic health, intuition, dream interpretation, psychic development, reincarnation, and ancient mysteries—all subjects that frequently came up in the more than 14,000 documented psychic readings given by Cayce, who died in 1945. The organization’s publishing arm, A.R.E. Press, has been printing books since 1931, and over time has added DVDs and CDs to its catalog, with the mission of supporting the work of the A.R.E. and its goal of helping people change their lives for the better. In 2009, A.R.E. Press launched its second imprint, 4th Dimension Press. While A.R.E. Press features topics related to the work of Edgar Cayce in the fields of spirituality, intuition, psychic abilities, ancient mysteries, philosophy, comparative religious studies, personal and spiritual development, and holistic health, 4th Dimension Press allows us to take our publishing efforts further with like-minded and expansive explorations into the mysteries and spirituality of our existence. For more information about Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and the work of A.R.E. Press, please visit and

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