Nature Angels

Nature Angels

Nature Angels by Andreas
Paradise Music Ltd. (2009) 53:05 minutes
Review by Kate Russell
A celebration of Goddess energy, Andreas’ “Nature Angels” album is a story told through music; an escape into the world of the ‘little people’ and those stewards of nature they watch over. For those of you wondering what Nature Angels are, the album describes them as “people who love and care for animals” who “have a mission to protect the Earth and Nature”. Certainly, if you are a nature lover, this theme, combined with the artfully added nature sounds, will make this one album not to miss.

The story of the album follows a young Maiden Princess who is looking after a young deer on his life’s journey. Along the journey “they experience the spirit and colour of spring with the help and guidance of Faeries and Angels”. With each track, a new scene emerges that can be easily pictured by the listener (and further aided by the story guide in the album artwork).

Light, airy and whimsical, this album perfectly captures the illusive and inspiring spirit of the Nature Angels. On this note, children – who are higher frequency creatures, often likened to the little people in their mannerisms and wonder – may well find their imagination captured by the chiming, sparkling sounds of the album, as well as the apt and comforting theme of the storyline (journeying from infancy to adulthood, guided by protecting influences).

Stand out tracks from this album include the open, light sounds of “Butterfly Wood” (described as “where the young maiden dances with the Angels and Faeries in the midday sun filled with the blue skies of spring”) and the protection confirming melody of “A Touch of Faery Magic”.

Intrigued to know more about the adventures of these two characters on their journey? I’m afraid you will have to listen to the album to find out! But if you want to invite the little people into your life, or simply enjoy a good story, “Nature Angels” is certainly one for the collection.

Andreas, whose Greek and Italian origins have introduced him to a wide range of music styles, and instruments as eclectic as the Greek bouzouki, has many other albums to download, all of which follow a theme of spiritual tales told in inspiring places. You can find out more about Andreas and his music at Paradise Music’s website:

Kate Russell is a singer/songwriter and busker from Vancouver, up until recently performing under the stage name Jadis Gloom ( Currently she is taking some time out from her solo music projects to write, listen to other styles of music and gain inspiration from other artists and their own creative journeys. Believing that to look into someone’s art is also to look inside their soul, she enjoys the intimate opportunities for understanding others in new ways that being a music critic provides.

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