Natural Substitutes for Energy Drinks

Natural Substitutes for Energy Drinks

The end of the school semester means one thing for students: finals.  Students are bogged down with papers, presentations, exams and it can be tempting to reach for those fatty foods and high-caloric energy drinks to fuel long study sessions.  Though seemingly innocuous, these food choices can have detrimental effects on student’s cognitive performance.  Chicago Healers practitioner Ian Wahl, LaC suggests natural remedies to boost comprehension and information retention.

  • Skip the fast food – Fatty foods are detrimental to brain cells as the trans-fatty acids harm the blood flow in the brain.  Grab something healthy like an apple with peanut butter or toast with hummus spread, instead.
  • Take a rest- Relaxing and taking breaks from studying are excellent ways to regain focus and productivity in studying.  Don’t be afraid to take a little time off.
  • Drink up –  Drinking water is a simple way to revive brain functions and regain your focus.  The brain is 85% water which lends to smooth and consistent brain function.
  • Tea – Teas have just enough caffeine to give you a buzz of concentration, with the added bonus of hydration.

Using these tips, students can have a less stressful finals season.  If you are interested in learning about more natural stress remedies or Ian Wahl visit

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