My Personal Beliefs, Part Two

My Personal Beliefs, Part Two

by Christopher Stone

In the last column, you read one theory of how beliefs become physically real: The emotions generated by your beliefs exist as units of electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy is a building block of physical matter. The electromagnetic energy generated by your beliefs coalesce to manifest as physical events and objects in the material world.

It’s time for you to open your logbook once again. Title this adventure:


STEP 1: Using the guidelines in My Personal Beliefs, Part One, for identifying your beliefs, list all of your personal beliefs in the nine categories listed below. As you did in My Personal Beliefs, Part One, leave several blank lines after each of your beliefs and several more blank lines between each category of beliefs. Some students have chosen to divide this inner space adventure into daily sessions, identifying their beliefs in one category per day.

Happiness     Success

Health            Guilt

Aging             Prejudice

Sex                  Self-worth

Money           Career

My place in the world

Step 2: After you’ve completed your lists, read them over. Also, re-read your beliefs lists from My Personal Beliefs, Part One. These beliefs, along with others you have yet to identify, are creating your personal reality and the conditions of your life.

Your Guide for Adventure 3



1. Belief: Happiness must be earned.

2. Belief: Striving for happiness doesn’t always result in achieving happiness.

3. Belief: If you have someone to love and exciting work to do, you have a good chance of achieving happiness.

4. Belief: Though it isn’t impossible to be happy alone, it’s easier to be happy if you have someone.


1. Belief: Physical and mental health are inextricably related.

2. Belief: I’m a healthy person.

3. Belief: I can afford to be cavalier with my body.

4. Belief: On the other hand, those I love are more delicate than I (and more important), and their health must be protected at all times.

5. Belief: If you become ill, you mustn’t give in to sickness; ignore illness, or it will beat you down.

6, Belief: Nothing works to heal a headache – except a lobotomy.


1. Belief: If I lose my health or my eyesight, there’s no point in living.

2. Belief: There are advantages to growing old. I won’t need to prove myself so much.

3. Belief: Old age doesn’t necessarily cause decay and senility.

4. Belief: Some of the most joyful and fervent people I know are in their eighties.

5. Belief: The quality of your advanced years depends on what you put into your early ones.

6. Belief: Keeping your horizons open keeps you young.

7. Belief: The moment you stop taking chances, lose interest in life, or move in with your daughter-in-law, you’re done for.


1. Belief: Sex isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

2. Belief: Romance is a million times more exciting than sex.

3. Belief: The purpose of sex is to get close to someone you love. It doesn’t serve that purpose very well.

4. Belief: Sex without love is pointless and ridiculous.

5. Belief: I suspect I’ve just been unlucky, and that all of my beliefs about sex would change if the right Gypsy Prince came my way.


1. Belief: Having money is wonderful, if you’ve earned it.

2. Belief: Because I’ve never had to earn money, I don’t have the right to keep money.

3. Belief: It’s better to spend money on others than to squander it on yourself.

4. Belief: Things that you buy for yourself are worthless.

5. Belief: The only possessions that matter are those that the people you love have given to you.

6. Belief: Everyone deserves enough money to live comfortably and with dignity.


1. Belief: A fulfilling career, along with love, is what makes life worthwhile.

2. Belief: If you love your work, you’ll succeed at your career.

3. Belief: Talent will out.

4. Belief: I was born to be a writer and it would be disastrous to choose another career path.

5. Belief: A traditional career, with office politics and longtime planning, is spirit killing. I’d rather be a street sweeper.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: You are not your beliefs. You are the personality who has accepted your beliefs.  You can change your beliefs. As your beliefs change, you and the events that you create change as well.

Next Up: My Personal Beliefs, Part Three.

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Copyright 2008 by Christopher Stone

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