My Personal Beliefs, Part Three

My Personal Beliefs, Part Three

Re-Creating Your Self By Christopher Stone

Change your beliefs, and the experiences created by your beliefs change as well.  Your altered ideas produce fresh decisions, and those changed decisions create different physical events.

Changing false and self-limiting beliefs is essential to Re-Creating Your Self. On the other hand, it’s premature, unwise to change your beliefs before you have identified them.

That’s why we’ll continue to discern the contents of your own personal belief system in this column.

My Personal Beliefs, Part Three

STEP 1: Open your logbook to a fresh page and continue using the guidelines set forth in My Personal Beliefs, Part Two.

STEP 2: Once again, your Guide is Georgia, your guide for My Personal Beliefs, Part Two.  The belief areas we will identify this time are: Success, Guilt, Prejudice, Self-Worth, and My Place in the World.


1. Belief: Success is being happy with yourself.

2. Belief: You must never buy into anyone else’s idea of success.

3. Belief: To live successfully, you must become your own hero.

4. Belief: Worldly success can be a trap.

5. Belief: Compromising yourself in any way in order to be a success is a dead end.

6. Belief: Doing your work well, keeping content, and making the people you love happy – that’s success!


1. Belief: It’s wrong to make someone else feel guilty.

2. Belief: It’s fine to feel guilty yourself.

3. Belief: Guilt is a cattle-prod, pressuring us into more perfect behavior.

4. Belief: People who never feel guilty about anything are “Martians.”

5. Belief: Neurotics who feel guilty about every little thing are generally very nice people.


1. Belief: I hold none of the traditional major prejudices.

2. Belief: Prejudices are a total waste of time and energy.

3. Belief: Prejudices reflect ignorance and smugness.

4. Belief: Strive for a mind that is as open as an ocean.


1. Belief: Everyone is valuable, carrying within him the spark of divinity.

2. Belief: I’ve been blessed with many gifts.

3. Belief: If I don’t use these gifts to help others, they will be taken away.

4. Belief: If I don’t live up to my personal standards, then my self-worth is diminished.


1. Belief: I’m here to learn, to grow, to enjoy, to appreciate, to love, and to do as much good as possible.

2. Belief: I’m here to help the people I love get on with their purpose.

3. Belief: I wouldn’t be as happy being anyone else. I fill my own “crazy shoes” perfectly.

4. Belief: Directly or indirectly, I’m going to make the world a happier place.

If you’ve completed all three of the My Personal Beliefs Adventures, honestly, and to the best of your ability, then you now possess a partial list of the ideas you’ve been using to create your life and all of its conditions.

No one identifies all of their beliefs the first time they attempt this three-part Adventure in Inner Space, but you have a good starting point for Re-Creating Your Self.

Having worked for years in the Belief Systems arena, I’m still amazed at how many people never stop to identify exactly what it is they believe about themselves, others, and the world (or life) in general. These are the same people who tend to be clueless about the experiences their strongest-held ideas are creating in their lives.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: If you have a chronic or repeating problem in your life, you can be certain that you have accepted one or more false or self-limiting beliefs in that area of your life. You can only heal the area in question by first identifying the false or self-limiting belief(s) that are creating the problem.

If your time permits, this is a good time to return to your My Personal Beliefs, Part One, Adventure.  Review the beliefs lists you made in the areas of God, Country, Love, and Money.  Are you able to identify additional beliefs in each, or in any, of these four areas?  If so, make a separate list of your newly-identified beliefs on a fresh page in your Adventure Logbook, using the heading My Personal Beliefs, Part One, Addendum.

Next Time: Examining and Evaluating Your Beliefs.

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Copyright 2008 by Christopher Stone


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