My Personal Beliefs, Part One

My Personal Beliefs, Part One

Re-Creating Your Self

By Christopher Stone

Adventure 2, My Personal Beliefs, Part One, serves two purposes: It gives you the opportunity to discover some of the ideas you accept as being true that are coalescing to create the person that you know as your self, and the life that you know as your own. It also gives you the chance to prove for your self the validity of this Re-Creating Your Self cornerstone: Your Now Self was largely created by beliefs you accepted from others.

You’ll need your Adventure Logbook: the same notebook in which you wrote your My Now Self Adventure. At the top of the next fresh page, please write: Adventure 2. Then, on the first space below Adventure 2, write, MY PERSONAL BELIEFS, PART ONE.

Below that, write, STEP 1:

Next, search your mind, and then list all of your specific beliefs in each of these four beliefs categories: God, Country, Love, and Marriage.

Before beginning Step 1, let me mention that Re-Creating Your Self students have regularly asked me, “Exactly how do you define ‘a belief.'” For purposes of Re-Creating Your Self, “a belief” is “any idea you accept as true.” Consequently, any idea you accept as factual about God, country, love, and marriage should be included in your lists.

For example, if you believe God doesn’t exist, then that’s one of your beliefs about God, and it needs to be included in Adventure 2. Leave several blank lines after each belief and several more after each category of beliefs. You will need this space for a later adventure.

STEP 2: Carefully read the lists you made for STEP 1. Remember, you want to include every idea you accept as true about God, Country, Love, and Marriage. Ask yourself, “Have I omitted any of my beliefs in these four categories?” If so, add them now.

STEP 3: Go back and re-consider each belief on your lists, one at a time. Ask your self, “From whom did I first learn this ‘truth’?” Did this belief originate with me, or did I first accept it from someone else? Did the belief first come to me from family, friends, teachers? Did I initially accept this belief from a religious, scientific or political system? Did I first hear it in a song, a movie, or on a television show?” Following each belief on your lists, write the original source of your belief.



The following represents Mark’s Adventure 2 after completing the three steps suggested above.


1. Belief: God is all-powerful, perfect. Source of belief: my minister.

2. Belief: Jesus was God. He died for my sins. Source of belief: my minister.

3. Belief: I’m an unworthy sinner. Source of belief: my minister.

4. Belief: I’ll only get what I want if God wants me to have it. Source of belief: my mother.


1. Belief: The United States is the greatest country in the world. Source of belief: my father.

2. Belief: If asked, I should be willing to die for my country. Source of belief: my third grade teacher.

3. Belief: The Russians want to bury us. Source of belief: Nikita Khrushchev.

4. Belief: Most politicians are more concerned about their careers than their constituents. Source of belief: myself.


1. Belief: I must prove myself worthy of love. I must earn love. Source of belief: my mother.

2. Belief: Some people just aren’t lovable. Source of belief: myself.

3. Belief: Sometimes, love doesn’t last forever. Source of belief: my parents. (They explained this to me after divorcing.)

4. Belief: The better looking you are, the better your chances of being loved. Source of belief: the media.


1. Belief: Half of all marriages fail. Source of belief: I read this statistic somewhere.

2. Belief: Marriage is a 50/50 proposition. Source of belief: my father. (After divorcing mother, he said she hadn’t done her 50 percent.)

3. Belief: Married people eventually deceive one another. Source of belief: my older brother and his wife. (Later, I learned it first-hand in my own marriage.)

4. Belief: You give up your freedom when you marry. Source of belief: my father.

5. Belief: Sooner or later, married people get bored with one another. Source of belief: myself.

Regarding form, Mark is an excellent guide for your Adventure 2. However, most Re-Creating Your Self students identify a greater number of personal beliefs in each of the four Adventure 2 categories. Six to ten beliefs in each category is average. Depending on your level of self-awareness, you may uncover fewer than five beliefs in each category, or you may easily list more than ten.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: I’m horrified, sickened, whenever I hear someone say something such as, “If it’s God’s will for me to be sick, then so be it,” or, “If it’s God’s will for my child to die, then I’ll accept his passing.”

It’s NEVER God’s will for Her children to be sick or to die! Free will is among God’s most precious gifts to His progeny. Accept it. Embrace your ability to choose. To do otherwise is to throw that precious gift back into the Deity’s face.

Next time: You Are Who You Believe You Are.

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Copyright 2008 by Christopher Stone

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