More Affirmations and an Affirmative Adventure

More Affirmations and an Affirmative Adventure

Re-Creating Your Self by Christopher Stone

This column concludes our discussion of affirmations as a tool for personal change – a vehicle for becoming the person you want to be, living the life you desire.

Last time, we ended with some specific declarations you can use to affirm your new self. This time, we begin with a continuation of specific life-altering affirmations.


*I am naturally lovable, both to myself and to others.

* The more I love myself, the more I can love others.

* I love myself now, just as I am.

* I am inherently good, trustworthy and valuable.


* I accept the ability, the privilege and the responsibility to re-create my self.

* Personal change is more than possible – it’s inevitable.

* I alone control my destiny.  Free will is my birthright.

* Change is the natural order, so naturally, I’m ordering change.


* Day by day, in every way, my relationship with____________is getting better and better.

* I am naturally lovable, so naturally I attract loving relationships.

* I am ready to accept a happy, healthy, lasting and loving relationship.

* The relationship I’m seeking is now seeking me.


* The career I desire is now coming to me, effortlessly and in a perfect way.

* I have a wonderful career with wonderful pay.  I provide a wonderful service in a wonderful way.

* Loving myself, I attract lucrative, fulfilling career opportunities into my life.

* I love my job and I’m richly rewarded, creatively and financially.


* I’m a magnet for health, happiness, prosperity and love..

* I deserve the best of everything, so I create the very best.

* My beliefs create my reality, and I believe I deserve success in all areas of life.

* Right now, I possess within me everything I need to create the life I desire.


Once again, readers, it’s time to open your Re-Creating Your Self notebooks, this time, for an affirmative action adventure.

STEP 1: Open your notebook to your Blueprint for Personal Change Adventure.

STEP 2: One by one, review each of the new beliefs you want to accept.

STEP 3: On a blank page in your notebook, copy your new beliefs, one after the other, leaving several blank lines after each belief. You’ll use these blank lines to write an affirmation.

STEP 4: Applying the guidelines below, create an original affirmation for each of the new beliefs you want to accept.

STEP 5: Use your self-created affirmations daily, as described in the previous columns.


(1) The best affirmations are short and sweet, no longer than two sentences.

(2) Effective affirmations are phrased in the most positive manner. For example: Don’t affirm, “I’m clumsy, but I can change.” Instead, declare, “I’m poised, centered and in perfect balance.”

(3) Always affirm your self in the present tense – as if the new you already exist. Don’t write, “I will learn to love myself.” Instead, affirm, “I love myself now, just the way I am.”

(4) Remember to choose words and phrases that feel right to you.


Lee, who shepherded you through a previous Adventure is again your guide, providing the format you can use to successfully complete your adventure.


New belief: When I’m ready, I can have a relationship, or even a second marriage, that will be happy and meaningful.

Affirming my new self: My desire for happiness attracts happy, meaningful relationships into my life.


New belief: My ability to make successful changes doesn’t decrease with age, and that includes my ability to change careers.

Affirming my new self: Like fine wine, I get better with age. I’m now better able to make the changes I desire.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: Affirm something often enough and you will come to believe that it is true.


New belief: My career can become exciting and challenging again. There is always something new to learn about any business.

Affirming my new belief: My ongoing curiosity creates endless opportunities to make my work fresh and exciting.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: Affirm something often enough and you will come to believe that it is true.

Coming next time: Relax and Re-Create Your Self, Part One.

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Copyright 2009 by Christopher Stone

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