More about Affirming Your New Self

More about Affirming Your New Self

Re-Creating Your Self by Christopher Stone

Last time, we began our review of positive thinking and affirmations as tools for personal change than can assist you in becoming the person you want to be, living the life you desire- – as described in your Blueprint for Personal Change.

We reviewed some popular misconceptions about affirmations and positive thinking.  We went on to point out their inherent limitations, as well as their abilities to help us change our lives.

This time, we’re addressing how you, specifically, can use affirmations to help you to make permanent, positive changes.


(1) Take five minutes, twice a day, to affirm your new self. Relax, and then slowly repeat one affirmation over and over, aloud or silently. The best times to do this are right before you fall asleep at night and immediately upon waking in the morning. Your mind is most relaxed at those times and more receptive to thought conditioning. However, if those times are incompatible with your commitments and lifestyle, select times that better suit you.

(2) Also, affirm your new self after experiencing negative feelings and thoughts. First, allow your self to fully experience and release your negative feelings and thoughts. Short-circuiting your true emotions is rarely recommended. After the negativity has passed naturally, then use an affirmation to give your new, positive self “equal time.”

(3) Affirm your new self on a digital recorder. Play the recording when you’re cleaning house, relaxing in a warm tub, or driving to work.  Put your affirmation on video, and then watch as you affirm your new self on video. Also, affirm your new self in the bathroom mirror while shaving, brushing your hair, or putting on make-up.

(4) Affirm your new self in writing. Select one of your affirmations, and then write it out 20 or 30 times in succession. Keep your mind focused on the meaning of each word as you write.

(5) Hand print copies of a favorite affirmation in bold letters. Tape copies to bathroom and bedroom mirrors, your refrigerator, your desk, your car’s dashboard, etc. wherever it will regularly catch your eye.

(6) Affirm your new self during meditation, self-hypnosis and creative daydreaming. (These techniques will be explained in future columns.


(1) At first, use affirmations to recondition negative thoughts related to a belief that you feel will be relatively easy to change. For example, let’s say that you are close to discarding the negative belief, “I’m a clumsy person” and almost ready to accept your self as “poised and well-balanced.” This would be a good first belief for you to affirm, because it’s one that you have already partially accepted. After you’ve gained experience, use affirmations related to your more difficult challenges.

(2) Suspend disbelief while affirming your new self. While you’re in the process of accepting a new belief, you may find your self affirming, “I deserve the best of everything,” while still partially believing, “I’m unworthy of my heart’s desires.” Try your best to temporarily suspend disbelief while affirming your new self. Play-act. Pretend that you believe you deserve the best of everything. Repeat your affirmation in a sincere voice and try to feel deserving.

(3) Affirm your new self with statements that feel right for you. Don’t use affirmations that contain words and phrases that feel awkward or uncomfortable.

(4) Continue to use an affirmation until you achieve your goal – or until you change your goal.


Start affirming your new self right now with the following positive declarations. Use the affirmations that apply to your personal goals. If the words feel and sound right, then repeat the affirmation verbatim. If the words are not a good fit for you, change them to fit your personal needs.


* I am the radiant picture of health – physically, mentally and spiritually.

* Day by day, in every way, I’m becoming healthier.

* I am glowingly healthy and radiate dynamic energy.

* Healing energy flows through every cell in my body.

* I am grateful for my perfect health.


* Happiness is my birthright. I claim it right now.

* I gratefully accept all of the happiness life has to offer.

* My happiness is my affair; therefore, no one can interfere.

* My heart’s desires come to me in a strong, steady stream of happiness.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: Please don’t negate the ability of affirmations to become the person you want to be by affirming your new self for a few minutes each day, then thinking negative thoughts the rest of the day. Stand porter at the door of your thoughts, admitting only such thoughts as you desire to be realized in your life.

Next time: More Affirmations You Can Use & an Affirmative Adventure

Have a Re-Creating Your Self comment, observation, or a question? Please send them to me at [email protected]

Copyright 2009 by Christopher Stone

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