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Mind Body Health

By Vaishâli, author of You Are What You Love

Most people think that their inner dialog, their internal running motor mouth, goes no further then the privacy of their our own thoughts. According to the Eastern sciences of self-healing – Eastern Indian, Tibetan Ayurveda, and Chinese Medicine – that notion is a dangerously myopic viewpoint. It does not consider the more important aspects of the human experience. Unlike Las Vegas, what goes on behind the eyeballs, does not stay behind the eyeballs. What we give our attention to has tremendous power in our lives, and it is not limited to residing simply within the confines of our white and grey matter. When we give our attention to thinking that we are unacceptable or unlovable, our emotional body responds to that inner narrative with depression, unhappiness and low self-esteem. Or, when we acknowledge ourselves as capable, wise and deeply blessed with much to be grateful for, our emotional body responds with confidence, self-assurance and contentment. The energy of our thoughts has an effect upon how we feel about ourselves, others and life. It should come as no surprise to discover that nothing else, in or around us, lives in a vacuum either. According to the Eastern philosophies, our bodies and the living things around us, take many cues from what we are giving our attention to. It would seem that what we have been experiencing as a private, singular, solitary event has greater, more far reaching consequences than we here in the West are accustom to considering.

Let’s start with the body. Like our emotional sensitivity, the body takes direction and organizes itself around what we think. When we give attention to an inner narrative that describes life as an unsupported, stressful event that will never provide us with what we need, our spleen and pancreas suffer as a response to the energy of that thought. When we tell ourselves how much we dislike someone or something, when we feed our mental fire with thoughts that produce anger, resentment or frustration, that self-talk affects the liver and gall bladder with an unbalancing result. Our body’s inner wisdom about how to function and achieve balance is intimately linked to, and driven by, what we are telling ourselves. The energy of our thoughts, our inner dialog, permeates every tissue, every cell, every atom of our bodies. Imagine the body as a mirror, reflecting back to us what we are doing with our awareness. According to these Eastern healing sciences, that is exactly what is going on. The body is neutral; the mind is not. The body organizes its intelligence by the charge our thoughts create.

If you give your attention to communicating to the body that you love it, trust it, know it can heal itself, the body will respond to the energy of that loving attention as the blueprint for what to do next. Conversely, if you organize your attention to thinking about an illness as yours – you keep referring to a condition as “my cancer” – the body will have a harder time resolving the disease, because it overheard your thoughts define it as belonging to you. When thoughts label something as “yours” the energy of that inner dialog creates a cul-de-sac within the mind and body that holds onto whatever you have attached a sense of “ownership” to. If this self-talk is applied to “my stress,” “my arthritis,” “my big butt” the body will go out of its way to maintain that self-defined reality for you, because it is under the impression you want it, by virtue of your claiming and owning it as “self’.

Furthermore, Ayurveda says that when you eat something, the body will respond to what you are thinking about the food, when digesting the meal. Your attitude about what you consume directly affects digestion, assimilation and release of the waste portion of what you ingest. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. According to Eastern philosophies, when you eat something and you give it loving attention; you empower your body with that transformative intelligence. So if you know you are going to a summer outdoor party, and you know you are going to eat traditional “picnic” cuisine, put love in your heart for what you are about to enjoy, before putting that barbecue on your plate. Then, when you eat that double-meat cheeseburger, savor lovingly every mouthful, every morsel. Tell your body how much you totally love the union with this food. When you eat your food with a loving, accepting inner dialog, your body knows what nutrients to take to the deeper tissues and what waste to take to the back door. Ayurvedic medicine says that when you eat something and then think, “Oh, I should not have eaten that!” the energy of that thought confuses the body, and it will contract around the toxins instead of purging them, without attachment or delay.

These Eastern systems say that what you give your attention to while buying, preparing and cooking your food also has a profound effect upon the food itself. When you buy your food with an attitude of gratitude, that energy literally goes into the food. When you prepare your meal and cook it with attention to how much you love this meal, how much you love your life, that energy goes into the food as well. Then, when you eat that food, the energy you have infused into the food via your awareness feeds and nourishes not only your physical and emotional bodies, it also sustains your consciousness itself. You are literally feeding your awareness with the quality of consciousness that has permeated your food. This is why it is essential not to cook or eat while you are embroiled in a deeply negative mental/emotional mindset. It is also important to eat at restaurants where the food is lovingly prepared by people who adore what they do, who are grateful for the opportunity to express their devotion in a creative culinary language. When you eat a meal prepared by someone who is angry with their lives, or their minimum wage job, you are literally eating that mental/emotional garbage. That’s what I call “junk” food.

Isn’t it ironic that here in the West we focus so much on what we are eating and not what is eating us. We obsess over calories and carbs, but never once consider what toxic attitude we are pouring over our food. We think of our meal as only consisting of what we put in our mouths, and not what we have placed in our hearts. We have so compartmentalized everything, that we have lost touch with the power of loving attention and thoughts to unify, heal and bring the integrity of wholeness back into our lives. Understanding that what we give our attention to has no boundaries, is the foundation of a life worth living. Choosing wisely the inner self-talk we indulge in is how we feed, heal, sustain and liberate ourselves. Embracing the gift of free will to surrender our attention to what is unlimited and life enhancing is what the journey of life is all about.

Vaishali intimately understands the journey of moving the mind from imprisonment to liberation. I share with you her story to illustrate that what she talks, writes and teaches comes from a deep knowing of the suffering one can go through when life appears to be filled with hardships and questioning. She was born into an abusive, alcoholic family and knows first hand the impact of being raised in a hostile environment. At age 8, a teacher who served as a beloved mother figure was brutally murdered. She has been diagnosed terminal twice – once as a result of an illness and the second time as the result of an auto accident. If that wasn’t enough, while literally fighting for her life, she had to endure lies and infidelity in her most meaningful relationships.

These experiences have shaped her book “You Are What You Love” (ISBN- 0-9773200-0-6 Purple Haze Press. 2006) with honest heartfelt and deeply insightful knowledge on how to understand the purpose behind human life on earth and why we don’t have love-we are love and if you change your perspective you will change your world!

Vaishali hosts her own weekly “You Are What You Love” web-cast on http://www.contacttalkradio.com/hosts/vaishali.htm and is a monthly guest host on “Seeing Beyond”, a KEST 1450 AM radio show in San Francisco. Her articles have been published in magazines nationwide. Vaishali has appeared on national radio and TV programming including Oprah & Friends XM Radio, ABC TV “View From The Bay”, and the Joey Reynolds Show. To learn more please visit www.purplev.com

See Vasishali at The Wisdom Festival on Sept 15th & 16th for more info visit www.wisdomfestival.com

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