Metta (Loving-Kindness)

Metta (Loving-Kindness)

Extract from Not I, Not Other than I

By Russel Williams edited by Steve Taylor

The recognition of peace within is the doorway that opens up for metta – the warm, homely feeling of belonging. It goes out as an emanation. If you try to hold it, you lose it. It’s because there is nobody there to hold it that it can expand. Through these practices we become the channel through which metta can enter from the spirit world into the physical world and through our bodies. It is the only time we can truly know it, in its passage through. That is why we cannot make it our own.

In that expanded area, I experience it as if it were a very gentle golden light that pervades the whole area.

All energies have a degree of light about them. This golden light is of course a manifestation of the metta aspect, the true love which is union, not separation. The purpose of repeatedly visiting there is to become more familiar with allowing an expansion of consciousness, openly and in every aspect of your life. Consciousness is the be-all and the end-all, so we should allow it to dissolve us into its very essence. Giving up self, dissolving into that greatness.

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I do not believe in long meditation practices. Once you make contact and get the process going, a quarter of an hour or even 10 minutes is quite adequate. Do it seven times a day, until you have a continuum going all the time, rather than once a day. If there’s a gap you lose the momentum, but if you keep it up, every couple of hours or so, there is a continuum. Switch it on, switch it off – learn to do that and you’ll find you have a continual flow all the way through, which can even penetrate through to sleep as well. You could compare it to how a horse eats. Did you know a horse’s stomach is only as big as a human being’s? That’s why it has to continually eat, all day long. It doesn’t chew the cud, it goes straight through. In the same way, meditatively, here, there, there, there, throughout, we should maintain that quality.

This is one of the problems with early morning meditation in particular. The mind sometimes rejects it, because you’re forcing it. In this way, the mind does it willingly all the time. It doesn’t ever reject it, because it knows it will find peace in it.

I have had the experience a few times where I have felt my consciousness touch somebody else, experience somebody else. And they respond to it, without knowing.

Yes, it can happen. You can’t make it happen, unless you just look and quietly absorb it. And you shouldn’t do it for your own ends either; you should just allow it to happen, so that it’s not you doing it anymore, it is happening through you. It’s a spontaneous response, consciously, but not necessarily from your condition. Don’t interfere with it, or try to take advantage of it. It is for the benefit of the whole, not yourself. In fact, meetings like this go far better when that happens!

One of the things about the world that has always amazed me is that people believe that peace means to stop fighting. But it doesn’t. Peace is freedom, not a cessation of hostilities. You need more than simply an absence of aggression. You need friendship, which means giving not taking. Receiving perhaps, but not taking. You need love, which comes from down here, not from the head. If everyone and everything could come down to this place of love, the world would be a totally different place. In fact, the world would not even exist anymore.

About the author:

Russel Williams is one of the most remarkable enlightened spiritual teachers of our time. After an early life of extreme hardship – leaving school at the age of 11, and becoming an orphan shortly afterwards – he underwent a spiritual awakening at the age of 29. Since the late 1950s, he has been a spiritual teacher, and is still actively teaching now, at the age of 94. Previously, Russel has avoided publicity and never published any writings or transcripts of his talks, preferring to work quietly with small groups. This is the first time any details of his teachings or of his life have appeared in print. This book is partly a record of his teachings, and partly also the story of his extraordinary life. Working with well-known spiritual author Steve Taylor – who has attended Russel’s meetings regularly since the 1990s – Russel has created a profound text which will surely become known as a classic of spiritual literature.

Not I, Not other than I is published by O Books, ISBN: 978-1-78279-729-6 (Paperback) £9.99 $15.95.


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