Metaphysics And Unemployment

Metaphysics And Unemployment

By Richard Rybicki

Unemployment can be a bitch to deal with. I have been unemployed for six months and I know how difficult it can be. I would like to offer some tips on dealing with it, from a metaphysical point of view. These ideas can also be applied to coping with an inadequate income. I hope you find these concepts and approaches helpful.


The first step to take is to ascertain the reasons for your unemployment. This can be difficult for some of us because of the ultra-responsibility involved. According to metaphysics, we live in the midst of what I call “The Great Principle of Reflectivity” (a more modern term is “The Law Of Attraction”). I would like to quote a paragraph from my third book, Body Symbolism, which contains important information for every person to know:

According to metaphysics, every bit of experience we have occurs inside our Thought Create, Thought Controlled Holographic Bubble, our personal Life sphere, and is consciously or unconsciously selected by us; nothing is random and there are no accidents. Every human uses the same mental raw materials and tools to create our reality. Our six raw materials are: our beliefs and attitudes, our thoughts and feelings and our choices and decisions. The three mental tools we use are: our desire, imagination and expectation. As we mix and match these nine elements on our mental baking pan, so results the type of cookies we will produce. Negative beliefs and negative thoughts always make for distasteful realities. It is most important to know that all thoughts are experience requisitions. According to Paradigm Three, we are, moment to moment, choosing our experience and, moment to moment, translating our Lives into this sentence: “Look what I am giving myself now.” Physical reality gives back exactly what was offered, it is set up to be pure symbolic feedback.” (p.29)

Now, the difficult part of all this is that we believe, think and feel at unconscious levels as well as conscious. So, no, I did not wake up one morning and think I’d like to lose my job today, but I did unconsciously arrange such a reality. Why you ask? “Why?” I asked! This I is where metaphysics gets difficult and many people abandon the truth and settle for the comforting numbness of events being either random or God’s will. Yet, according to metaphysics, our prime question becomes: Why did we choose to become unemployed?

I must be brief in this article, so I will just say our motives for choosing any reality are all very personal and subjective. Basically, however, motives fall into two categories: healthful and unhealthful. Examples of healthful motives for choosing unemployment include: needing a rest (say, to prevent a disease or injury later on), needing to escape deadening influences of that job (but being unwilling to do so by quitting) or needing to head in a new career direction. Some examples of unhealthful motives for unemployment include: having a negative self-image (“loser”), wanting an excuse for self-pity, having a desire to punish oneself or agreement with the mass mind set (“I’m like everyone else; the economy sucks”).

It is very important to examine our own, personal motives for creating unemployment. I know this can be very difficult, but please persist.


Once you have overcome the shock of not working, it is crucially important to regroup and raise your vibration. The prime tool to use in this one is DSP,C and G. This stands for Drain Self Pity, Credits and Gratitudes. I suggest you spend ten minutes at a time doing a bunch of “poor mes” to release the poison of pity (we all do it). Then follow up with a bunch of self-credits for all of the good items about you and the actions you do. Then recite a huge list of all that you have to be grateful and feel each item as you consciously appreciate them. Doing DSP,C and G can help tremendously in keeping the Negative Ego and its vibration-lowering, reality-wrecking self-pity at bay. Do as many DSP,C and Gs in a day as you need to stay centered.

The next technique is to walk through screens. This technique employs imagination to change your emotional state. Imagine a large screen door in front of you. Decide which feelings you want to reduce/eliminate (pity, powerlessness, hopelessness, arrogance (all favorites of the Negative Ego), self-doubt, fear, anger, etc.). Work to change the thoughts that produced those feelings in the first place. Then walk forward and imagine the screen filtering out the unpleasant emotions. The feelings become stuck on the screen like so much coagulated lard. Walk through as often as you desire to screen out the self-hindering feelings. When you have screened them out, go back and scrape off the lard (by Jordan at the dresshead). You can use this lard, which is really energy, to direct toward a new, more productive goal. A special note here: it is very important that you not become arrogant in your unemployment : “Poor me I have it so tough. Screw what you want or how you feel!” Screen that out, for sure.

The next approach to take is to be very kind to yourself. That is why DSP,C and G is so important. Give yourself lots of credits, focus on all of your gratitudes, (the opposite of self-pity is gratitude) and pamper yourself. Ask your Higher Self and guides for help. Open up to receiving.


Program. Once you have an idea of your motive(s) for choosing this situation and you have worked at staying more centered, it is time to turn to your future. Affirm your power, affirm your ability to create. Visualize the new reality you want to create. As you visualize, feeeel to the utmost how you will feel in that reality. Feel it to the max. The best technique I have ever heard of is to intensely live the future reality for 33 seconds, three times in a row. If you have a cassette recorder, you can record three 33 second periods to keep time for you. I do that; it works very well.


Give. Give to others, give to yourself. The antidote to boredom is giving. The antidote to living as a self-centered arrogant jerk is giving to others. Then feel grateful for the opportunity do so.

I wish you the very best in your job search and in your Life. Thanks for reading this article.

Richard Rybicki, MSW, LCSW has established a web site which describes his third book, Body Symbolism. In it, he explains some common motives for creating disease and injury, from a metaphysical point of view. He also discusses steps to assist healing. You can contact the author and find out more at

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