Menopause symptoms treated with bioidentical hormones

Menopause symptoms treated with bioidentical hormones

Hot flashes are among the many unpleasant symptoms that begin to afflict women as they pass through the change of life. While some experts advise women to simply avoid the activities that tend to trigger their hot flashes, such as drinking coffee, eating spicy food, or going out in the hot summer sun, Renew Woman offers an alternative that helps women to feel better without giving up all the things they love.

Renew Woman treats the root cause of hot flashes and other menopause symptoms with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, relieving these symptoms and enabling women to feel like themselves again.

Unfortunately, due to misinformation in the media and even among doctors, many women are fearful of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and needlessly deny themselves its benefits. What they don’t realize is that breast cancer and other health risks have been linked to synthetic hormones, not bioidentical hormones.

Bioidentical hormones come from natural sources, though they are processed in a lab.The result is a hormone that the female body literally cannot distinguish from a hormone it has produced itself. The body will then gladly accept and use these chemically identical hormones as its own. Synthetic hormones, by contrast, are not quite chemically identical to the real thing, and the minute difference in chemical structures can affect how the hormones are absorbed and possibly increase the risk of breast cancer.

The synthetic hormone progestin has been shown to be particularly dangerous. In the Women’s Health Initiative study commonly cited by opponents of hormone replacement therapy for women, progestin rather than bioidentical progesterone was used to balance the effects of estrogen. The use of progestin was responsible for the increased risk of breast cancer in this study. Subsequent studies have consistently found that the bioidentical form of progesterone does not have this effect.

When bioidentical hormones are used as part of a quality treatment protocol that takes all vital female hormones into account, hormone replacement therapy is a safe and effective means of treating menopause symptoms including hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, depression, hair loss, osteoporosis, weight gain, dry skin, and sexual enjoyment issues. In short, bioidentical hormones help women recover what the years have stolen from them to look and feel like themselves again.

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Renew Woman is a division of Renew Youth™ Centers. Since 1999, Renew Youth Centers have driven advancements in healthy aging & bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Renew Woman specializes in facilitating the treatment of age-related female hormone decline, also known as menopause, by providing information, access to trained doctors, access to products, and safe treatment choices. Our professional staff works with our extensive national network of doctors to provide safe, effective, and convenient care for our clients.

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