Medical Intuitive Uses Sound to Heal

Medical Intuitive Uses Sound to Heal

Sonja Sonics: Toning-in the New Age

By Bret Lueder

Sound heals. The ancients knew this. And this once-forgotten knowledge is reemerging today in many forms. Music, Cymatics and various entrainment techniques with turning forks or Tibetan bowls, among many other patented systems and methods, offer a wide range of remedies for almost any health situation. But maybe the most rapidly-expanding mode of sonic relief, says Medical Intuitive Sonja Kalckar, comes in the form of vocal toning, where the practitioner uses their voice to produce specific frequencies intended to restore harmony to a particular malady.

With an array of healing tools, Kalckar says that her usage of vocal toning is chief among them. She says that she has studied and combines a wide variety of traditions including various forms of yoga, Ascended Master teachings and the experiences she gained while with the former Hopi shaman, Sunhawk, among other sets of knowledge. But through it all, she says, the use of her voice has been, ahem, instrumental in each of them.

“Sound waves move through space and time,” says Kalckar, “to touch, and penetrate, the ears of humans, whales, dolphins, and all living things. Sound and music can change the molecular structure of tissue, bone; like with ultra–sound. It can take you to a higher dimension, to a place of peace and meditation.”

Practitioners now prescribe ultrasound, and other sound modalities, to diagnose tumors, clean wounds, pulverize kidney stones and alleviate pain in sore muscles and backs. Music therapy, for example, is commonly used for reducing stress, for pain management, and in delivery and operating rooms as well as to treat the elderly, the mentally challenged, and those with special learning needs and emotional issues.

Cymatic treatment—“cymatic” is Greek for “wave”— is the usage of the effects of audible acoustic stimulation on the body. In the 1960’s, Dr. Hans Jenny isolated the natural frequencies of various organs, cells and areas of the human body which, when directed at specific areas, allow for the healing of those parts. He spent over 14 years documenting his experiments in great detail, publishing books and films showing the forms which sound produced in various liquids, powders, and pastes.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Founder/Director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research, recalls to fellow sound healer Jonathan Goldman, the time he first learned that sound could be used to activate human chakras.
“I remember the thermography experience well. A friend of mine had a booth at the 1st International New Age Music Conference in which she had a heat thermography unit set up with a color TV monitor to show people their heat reading from their face. She was taking Polaroid’s of the before and after readings. You [referring to Goldman] had a booth as well close by and came over to try it yourself. Once you sat down you decided to try a brow chakra toning to open this chakra. This was the first experience I had ever had of a scientific measuring device recording a real-time event of awakening a chakra with sound. This was certainly a defining moment for whatever skeptical parts may have still been in my mind in those days. This is all worthy of further research and documentation.” []

Of course, Kalckar knows this and uses the directed healing power of her voice to cymatically re-tune chakras or any imbalanced area, physical or energetic. But she must diagnose afflictions first. For this, Kalckar claims a variety of extra-sensory gifts. She says she is empathic (sensing the energy flow of the body), clairsentient (the feeling of another’s emotions) and clairvoyant (seeing another’s energy field) and can read a person’s soul blueprint, aura and/or chakra system. When she “sees” a person’s “energy field,” she says it will have dark, gray or cloudy spots when an organ or area is out of balance. The feeling of the same issue can be contracted, negative, and sometimes painful and the area will have a diminished energy flow. When the person is healthy, she says, “they have more light and colors, and a shine in their face; and a glow throughout their aura.” She says the Divine Feminine Presence, as well as her many spirit guides, help to guide her to these places.

Once the prognosis has been determined, Kalckar devises a healing protocol with both physical and spiritual strategies. And the usage of her voice, she says, is pertinent to both of them. On the physical side, she may recommend standard exercise, herbal and/or enzymatic therapies if there is a nutritional deficiency and any of various micro-movement techniques like cranio-sacral, neuro-muscular and/or yogic techniques, like hand mudras, in association with specially-tailored vocal toning. On the spiritual side, she may recommend a wide variety of meditative journeys; for specific issues, on the soul level or in the Angelic/Ascended Master realms, for example, or tailor-make certain mantras, prayers and/or decrees as well as vocal toning.

Like other successful sound healers, Kalckar has produced her own unique sound-healing CD, yoga-infused DVD’s and her own patented system for correcting one’s Lordatic curves, the two “c” curves naturally seen in the side view of a person’s spine. Her system is known as the Soma Geometry System. [See DVD, Soma Geometry (2009) and Universal Connections/Spinal Wellness (2010)]

“The Lordatic, or ‘C Curve,’ or Curves, are with you when you come out of the womb,” describes Kalckar. “They are critical for balance and homeostasis; in dealing with gravity, posture and alignment. It is these curves that are located in the mid neck area and the mid low-back. They work to both balance each other out in relationship to the body as it moves through space and time while counteracting gravity. Over time, these curves tend to straighten-out, hindering ones equilibrium and balance while they exercise, walk or run.”

Soma Geometry, then, is a system of neuro-muscular education and micro-movement exercises designed to enable posture alignment   for the neck and lower back. The system also employs a special breathing technique known as, “inter-costal,” or “lateral breathing,” which is what singers use in order to increase lung capacity and regulate air flow. Together, these exercises assist in regaining and maintaining these fundamentally-important curves.

When combined with the vocal toning of specific Sanskrit vowels like “sho,” “ni” and “va,” among others, and Kalckar says that she can facilitate the re-balancing of chakras and energy fields in relation to  the physical reestablishment of  these curves.

Her unusually-powerful voice is captured on her first-ever sound-healing CD called, Soneya’s Sound Harmonics (2010). Gerit Williams produces and guest-appears playing the 528 mhz tuning fork, the tone re-introduced by Dr.’s Joseph Puleo and Leonard G. Horowitz, as the miraculous healing frequency. [See The Book of 528 by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (2012)] So what makes Kalckar’s voice unique?

Says Kalckar, “My unique sound signature that you hear on my new CD comes from my meditations with whales and dolphins, who I have been singing and toning with, and to, for over 20 years. When I was downloaded—meaning channeled or in mental and spiritual communion with a higher being—to start healing with sound, I had messages from them (whales, dolphins and many spiritual teachers). Thus my I was told to create my first sound harmonic CD. It includes overtones, and harmonics, that create a fabric of sound and vibrations that are channeled via the whales, higher spiritual teachers, and Galactic star beings or guides. I am the instrument, or channel, by which some of these inter-dimensional frequencies  are coming to the planet and to human beings to assist in healing, transforming and raising the vibration of Earth and it’s people; and bringing in more love and light for peace and healing.”

Kalckar will be demonstrating the power of her voice in August at the Bay area UFO Expo, and is available for group or individual and public or private sessions. Her CD and DVD’s, as well as contact information, are available at her web site.;;;; ,;

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