May Message from the Faeries

May Message from the Faeries

by Diomira D’Agostino

I hope this message finds you all cheerful and filled with radiant health! Spring is finally here albeit oscillating in nature. I attempted to send this message last week, as I had it all written up and ready to go. I am finally aware why I may have been delayed in sending our message. For it is only now that I am able to share with you this magical piece of heaven that Johnny and I have stumbled upon. It is nestled in the panhandle of Florida in a tiny town called Mexico Beach. The town itself is not noteworthy apart from the white sandy beaches and blue waters, which can be found in many places on the Gulf side of Florida. The jewel of Mexico Beach to which I am referring is called Driftwood Inn. It is a medium sized Inn seated on the water. As I soak in my surroundings I see a menagerie filled with magical gardens that could only have been designed with the help of the faeries. There are literally dozens of bird feeders that attract hundreds of birds. A large dog bigger than me (it is probably in the horse family) roams the premises. Cats stroll around and stretch in the warm sun. The gardens are exquisite and filled with geraniums, roses, petunias, sunflowers, daisies, gladiolas of pinks and reds and blues and purples and oranges. Sprinkled in throughout the gardens are palm trees that rustle in the breeze. There are fountains that bubble up out of nowhere, having been carefully placed in tiny, forgotten corners. The ponds peek out from the center of the flower beds. And as I gaze out ahead, I see the sapphire waves crashing onto the sugar white sand, which is dotted by the myriad flower blossoms that rise up to meet it. I hope you have the opportunity to visit this blessed place. The faeries are everywhere!

Anyway, I believe that is a great segue into the message that I wish to share with you today. It takes place within an experience I had in a meditation some days ago. It is a powerful and timely message and I was in awe of the clarity with which this Devic presence communicated with me. I have written it in the present tense because that is how I experienced it:

The Dimensional Doorways

The chakras, or energy wheels, are an integral part of our energy body. There is much to be said about them, and volumes can be written on their meanings alone. One of their many functions is that of a portal, or dimensional doorway.

As I sit in an evening meditation, I see the heart chakra begin to open. Light is beaming forth, rushing like a torrential downpour, a rushing river. As the energy flows I see a glimpse of a space. The veil is lifted. The space is a land where mountains hover in expansive blue skies, and birds soar. There is a lush green valley, and a river can be seen that runs through it. The heart chakra holds the door open to this land.

Enter the Faery Garden:

I am riding on the back of a giant bumblebee. We swoop through emerald blades of grass and into the Faery Garden. I know it is the Faery Garden because the bee tells me. Only she does not use words, but I understand her. We swirl and buzz toward a sea of brightly colored flowers. They look like multicolored ballerinas pirouetting in the breeze. Bits of sweet fragrance delight my senses. The blossoming flowers are Spring’s warm hello. We make a swan dive for a gorgeous lady slipper the color of a pale pink powder puff. The bumblebee hovers so gracefully over the delicate one, which gives me a chance to alight and Viennese waltz with the flower’s soft and dainty petals. I slide down the giant stem like Jack as he moves down his Beanstalk. I do not stop where the stem meets the ground, but instead continue my descent deep into the Earth. I stop just before reaches through to the earth’s mantle, and rest here. I am nestled in the Great Mother’s warm embrace. I feel a presence – the faeries are here. Have I entered a secret faery mound below the magical garden? I sit for a moment and attune to my environment. Then I hear a voice speak to me:

“Hello Dear One. We are glad you have come. So many seek to change their outer. They do not think to make the journey within – the perfect starting point. I am here with you now to show you how comforting going within can be. You believe you have entered another world by going through the garden and deep into the Earth. Aye you have entered another world indeed – ’tis the world of your own heart; and what a magnificent world it is. This space is connected to every living creature on the beautifully verdant planet you call home. It is also connected to the Cosmos through the Great Central Sun that sits at the center of this galaxy. I want you to feel this union between Earth and Sky, and feel HOME. As you attune to this energy you become receptive to receive light frequencies that are encoded with the vibrational keys for ascension. Your sun is acting like a great satellite both receiving and transmitting these frequencies to you all now. It is good to be present during this process. Surrender and open yourself up to receive. You need only prepare your hearts with love, open wide and BE. Breathe. Allow for the transmission of light codes to activate your light bodies. We are your brothers and sisters and we love you.

The Deva of Ladyslipper

*I would invite you to try this meditation of the Faery Garden. Ladyslipper has much more to share with us. She wishes to impart her wisdom as well as her medicine. See if you can hear her words. Or perhaps you gravitate to another flower…

I would love to hear the messages they share with you. Feel free to post them on my Faery Light Facebook page for all to enjoy. You could also email them to me and I can share them in next month’s faery message. The messages from the plant devas are very timely indeed and they have much to give.

In love and faery light,

Diomira and the Faeries

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