May Message from the Faeries

May Message from the Faeries

by Diomiara D’Agostino

Last month we introduced the idea of manifesting through co-creation. Co-creation is opening up to allow the creative talents and abilities of another to co-mingle with your own in order to synergistically create that which you desire to bring forth. This month we will focus on the first step of our co-creative process with the faeries:


Prayer is an important part of any co-creative effort. It is about allowing Spirit to move through us, and through the hearts of those with whom we wish to collaborate in our co-creation. When we surrender to this higher vibration of love, we are all synchronized at this Christed frequency.   We connect heart to heart, and the common thread that unites us all is the divine spark within. It is in this energy that we state the intention or desire for that which we wish to manifest.

We are all familiar with gathering in a group of our brother/sister humans to pray and meditate together in this way. Now it is time to step outside of our comfort zones though, and realize that this gathering is not limited to those that we can see on the physical level. We must begin to expand our idea of: “When two or more are gathered in my name…” This statement spoken by Jesus was about building synergy within the energy of divine love. It is not exclusive to the physical, nor is it limited to humans. We must begin to see ourselves in relationship to all of creation. The Age of Aquarius is about Brotherhood. Our view of brotherhood must stretch beyond the confines of the human race. Simply stated, the faeries are our brethren, too.

So let us begin to expand our vision a little; let us begin the co-creative process with the faeries by praying with them, shall we?


Let us close our eyes and breathe. As we breathe, let us see a beautiful golden column of light enveloping us. As the light bathes us, begin to feel your heart radiate light, the light that is always within us. Feel yourself beaconing the light I AM. Feel the love, and know that you are connected with all that is. Take a moment now, and look around you. Notice you are one in a circle of many. You look to your right, and to your left, and across from you; you are gathered in a ring of faery beings. You are one in a loving circle of prayer and oneness. You gaze into the eyes of the faery that sits across from you, and you are met with a look of welcome, love, tenderness, and peace. In this moment in time, you know, at the core of your being, we are all one. Feel the love continuing to flow through you. Now send the love to the faery on your right. As you do so, envision a sparkling, golden ribbon of love moving around the circle – heart to heart. The love is connecting you all, one heart to another. There is no difference. All that is known and felt is the love emanating from both your being and theirs, as this beautiful ring of love and light connects you all. Breathe in the love. I am one with all of Life; I am one with my brother/sister faeries; I am one with God.

It is with this energy that we shall always begin. Over the month of May let us connect and pray with the faeries. It will begin to build a powerful bond between you and them. Next month we will talk about intention. Be thinking of a desire you wish to manifest.

With love and Faery Light,

Diomira and the Faeries

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