March Message from the Faeries

March Message from the Faeries

by Diomira D’Agostino

Happy March!  There is a lot of shifting and changing energies coming at us and moving us now to exactly where we need to be. As the outer appears more unstable, we must take time to turn within to that inner stillness and peace.  Here is our Message from the Faeries for March!

Last month the faeries talked to us about the ‘tween place of the Heart. It is in turning within, that we come to the doorway that takes us to Faerie. The Heart is the key to establishing a connection with the faeries. It is the beginning step in forming a relationship with them.  The faeries explain that once a relationship is established, we must learn to cultivate it. How do we maintain a relationship with anyone? Investing energy and love is the answer.

In ancient times, there was a phrase that described the process of cultivating relationships with the faeries and nature.  It was a sort of courtship known as the Faery Faith. According to the faeries, the Faery Faith consisted of several steps. The first was just the awareness and belief in the existence of the Faerie realm and Nature’s intelligence. The second, was a passive step, but had to do with reverence for Nature. The third was an outer action step in the physical known as libations, whereby the humans would leave little trinkets such as milk, honey, coins, or other objects for the faeries out of love. This was not meant to be an offering as if to gods, but instead a token of friendship and love. Just as we feed the birds or give gifts to friends, we honored the relationship between the faeries and us. It was also a sign of our agreement to work together, as in gifts that may be exchanged while making a treaty between nations.

The Faery Faith must not die, and yet it must be reconceived. For the way it once was no longer serves the form for the dawning Age of Awakening that is upon us. A theme that they seem to be restating over and over is that the focus must shift to the inner world. The first and second steps of the Faery Faith stand as a good framework. The third step of libations is no longer necessary in physical form. They ask us to put on our Open-Heart Hats and look at the energy and intention in this last step. It was about friendship and love, and an agreement to work together for the good of the whole.

They want to be clear. It isn’t that the physical gifts are not appreciated. Actually the little ones love to play with them. By little ones, they mean to say the younger, less evolved energies of the Devic realm such as the elementals (earth, air, water and fire spirits) and the various nature spirits like the flower faeries and water sprites. The gifts are like toys to them. What they really need, though, is pure directed love. A child can grow without toys, but it cannot grow without love. Love is the building block of evolution.

How can we do this? Whenever you are in your meditations you can consciously send love and light to the faeries. Perhaps there is a specific tree or flower that has caught your attention in your backyard. Maybe there is a special place in nature that attracts you. Send love to it. You can do this when you are out on your walks in nature, too. As you are walking along, feel an receptive energy of reverence for nature come over you.  Then, consciously send love to something that has caught your eye – a bird, a stone, a plant or blade of grass.  The faeries will feel it.  Remember they are the co-creators of nature. They have been appointed by the Creator to not only nurture form, but also to architect it, then implement that design by building it. They then move into nurturing it by assisting in its life journey. This process is used to build all the beautiful gifts that nature has to offer. The gift of love goes a long way. It quickens the faeries’ vibration and thereby quickens their evolution. We were meant to help each other grow.  This is how we cultivate our relationship with them.

With Love and Faery Light,

Diomira and the Faeries

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