Many Are Coming To Rely On Energy Medicine

Many Are Coming To Rely On Energy Medicine

By Meeri Banks

There are many ways to assist your healing, besides drugs. One field of complementary or alternative medicine is a school described as energy medicine. This discipline of therapy is based on a belief that the patient can be cared for by a healer who can channel energies. Analysts endeavour to determine imbalances (bioelectrical, chemical, or structural) within the individual and to use healing energies to put right these imbalances.

The terms for this form of therapy, spiritual healing and energy healing came into common usage after the creation of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies back in the 1980s. Three distinct methods take the forms of hands-on, hands-off and distant healing. Distant healing occurs with the patient and the therapist in separate locations; it is also known as absent healing.

Reiki, biofield healing, therapeutic touch and contact healing are all brands of therapies. The US National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) has categorized health-care techniques that engage scientifically identifiable energies as “Veritable Energies” care. These methods include magnet therapy, light therapy and colorpuncture.

Certified nursing organizations have acknowledged the results arising from therapeutic touch. Diagnosis involving disturbances to a patient’s field was endorsed in 2005/6 by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association. Canadian counsellors have registered the trademark “Therapeutic Touch”; a patient’s field is manipulated by an analyst according to uniform and industry standard techniques.

Some instances of the utilization of electrical energies for healing include quicker healing of wounds. This is done by using electrical currents, the relief of deep-seated pain with a TENS machine and the healing of neurological concerns via deep brain stimulation. The management of pain through electrotherapy techniques has been acknowledged by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Joint mobility, tissue repair and incontinence can all be improved by electrotherapy. TENS machines use electrical impulses to affect how pain signals are transmitted to the brain; they can be a side-effect free alternative to pharmaceuticals for many forms of pain relief. Psychotherapists use bioenergetics to analyse and treat anxiety, depression and muscular tension.

Bioenergetics represents one dynamic “body work” practice. The objectives of this methodology are the accomplishment of corporal and psychological well being in the course of a therapeutic process that permits the procedure of energy flowing through the human body and brain. Neuroscientific research has borne out the value of “Body work” as a psychotherapeutic tool.

This area of medicine considers all corporal energies as fundamentals for vivacity, emotional welfare and physical fitness. It acts to improve physical condition and contentment by way of these energies. The re-establishment of a harmonious and balanced whole is achieved by non-invasive massaging of the patient’s accupoints.

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Meeri Banks has studied reiki healing and all spiritual healing arts for over 15 years. Currently she has been working with the Ataana Method. If you would like to learn more about Ataana Healing Method Nashville, TN, she suggests you visit her friends

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