Making a spiritual connection by writing

Making a spiritual connection by writing

Writing as a Mystical Experience

The Making of a Mystic shares the budding of the process that produced Paddy Fievet’s foundational spiritual writings. She invites the reader on a journey of healing and transformation.

Someone who understands life deeper than the ordinary five senses allow, a mystic is a person who is transformed by a direct connection with the presence of Spirit. In her new book, The Making of a Mystic: Writing as a Form of Spiritual Emergence, Paddy Fievet vividly describes her dramatic spiritual transformation and lights the path for her readers to discover their own spiritual empowerment through writing.

There is a modern mystic in every one of us, or so the author came to realize. With pen and paper and while meditating deeply, she received answers to questions that had plagued her all her life. Not only were the answers insightful, the answers, as well as the odd process of receiving them, changed her life forever. She wrote, “Spirit spoke to me through my writing, rewriting, and then rewriting again. I learned how memoir moves personal experience from the trauma part of the brain into the analytical, reasoning part of the brain where it can finally be put to rest. In this way, experiences finally show up on the page as sacred story.”

While engaging with the author’s riveting memoir, teaching moments and poetry, the reader will journey to the center of his own heart, recognizing Divine Love in himself, in others and in nature, while being gently guided to discover that he is already a modern mystic.

Called many names, from psychics, healers, clairvoyants and seers to mediums and saints, very intuitive people who have understood life deeper and have known their lives as Spiritual experiences. The profoundly intuitive Paddy Fievet manifests her talents as a teacher and her spiritual gifts with grace, sharing with her readers how to tap into their own modern mystic capabilities. Being a mystic is not something that she does, instead, it is something she accepts, allows, then passes on to her readers and to everyone she encounters. The Making of a Mystic is her gift to those who seek spiritual empowerment.

The author writes, “We are each connected to Spirit in ways far beyond our understanding, a connection we must discern for ourselves and learn to trust. Answers are always there for us, even we feel completely lost. God in Spirit form provides us the opportunity to find our own divinity, and to realize our inner strength by writing and living our own sacred story.”

About the Author
A modern mystic, a facilitator, public speaker, blogger, teacher and artist, and a member of Spiritual Directors International, Paddy Fievet has studied spirituality, psychic arts, and metaphysical law in depth, earning a Ph.D. in Metaphysics. She is also the author of When Life Cried Out: One Woman’s Spiritual Quest to Be Fully Alive.

The Making of a Mystic: Writing as a Form of Spiritual Emergence
Author: Paddy Fievet, Ph.D.
Publication Date:  February 1, 2015
Publisher: Cloverhurst Publications ASIN: B00P38DL46
Format: Paperback and Kindle editions
List Price: $14.95; $9.95
Sold by: Amazon Inc.

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