MailBox Angels transform the energy that enters your home

MailBox Angels transform the energy that enters your home

by Rev. Cindy Fuller

During a meditation, I asked God what I could do to help our church with their building fund. I was told very clearly, “MailBox Angels.”

“What are mail box angels?” I asked.

This is what I was told:

There were six angels who wanted to come and help the people on the Earth with their lives.

As a people we are all trying so hard to keep our thoughts positive, and to keep our homes comfortable. We could control almost everything that came to us except our mail. In our mail, we receive energy that comes from all manner of people with all types of intentions. I was reminded how my heart would start to race every time I got anything from the IRS. Some credit card bills actually arrive with a demanding energy around them. I could always tell if someone was angry with me when I touched the envelope of the letter they had sent. The energy that comes through our mailboxes is very real.

Whether it is a past due notice or a sales pitch, these pieces of mail are all charged with the energy and intention of the sender. And often, that energy is not supportive of the receiver.

These angels wanted to come to the earth to help. They were very specific about their colors, their images and most importantly their gifts. Each of these angels brings a wonderful gift of transformation.

They selected the mail box because this is the place where you and the world meet. Here is where the tone of all of your communications occur. And this is the place where you must receive and process all the correspondence that comes to you. You don’t get to choose. You must touch every item.

The angels wanted to bring a transformational energy to all your mail. They shift the original intentions on all the mail you receive and transform it with their gift.

Then they set into motion a vibration that will draw more and more of their gift into your world. And they do. It is amazing!

We are already receiving testimonials from people sharing how these angels are beginning to affect their worlds. They have not limited them, but are placing them where ever they feel guided, where ever they feel that they would like the angels to help them.

The MailBox Angel kit comes with:

  • One full color, 3 x 4 inch magnetic panel of your angel
  • An Instruction card including a prayer and affirmation
  • A booklet describing the Angels and their use
  • Four double-sided self-adhesive quarter inch square panels

When you receive your angel, simply hold it in your hands, close your eyes and ask that you be connected with her and her gift. Take a breath and feel the power of your angel filling you now. Thank her for bringing her light into your life. Now place the angel on or in your mail box. It doesn’t matter if she is inside the mailbox or on the outside, her energy will begin to assist you immediately. The angel can, of course, be placed where ever you would like her help, e.g., filing cabinet, refrigerator, computer, etc. Remember, she alters energies between you and the world. Be creative in your placement and get ready to receive her gift. For more information please visit

Rev. Cindy Fuller, is a an author, counselor, and lecturer. In 1990, she co-founded Inner Quest Church, in Alpharetta, Georgia. There she leads a ministry that embraces a holistic approach to Christian thought, teaching a path of conscious co-creation in partnership with God. You can find Cindy through her church. Inner Quest, on the web at

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