LOOK UP: My Encounters with ETs & Angels

LOOK UP: My Encounters with ETs & Angels

In author Devara ThunderBeat’s Nonfiction book, ‘Look Up: My Encounters with ETs & Angels’ she shares with everyone her lifelong experiences with extra-terrestrials and her unique extra sensory powers or gifts. Right off the bat she starts with her first encounter with extra terrestrials when she was only 4 years old.  They have returned to her many times throughout the course of her life but not in the Hollywood ish grotesque, hostile, world domination manner but rather a series of spiritual and enlightening experiences. As she was in the ships, as she calls them, she experienced various energy fields of color –light and sounds. Each wave emitting a unique and different rhythm and frequency, and perhaps it was only natural that Devara took to drums and became a multi award winning musician.

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This book provides the reader a never before seen insight into the many alternate realms of our life and takes you on an adventure along with Devara as she reveals past lives her work with Reiki and Chakra healing, her trips to Egypt and the Mayan lands.

It is a gripping story; chock full of serendipitous encounters, instances of synchronicity and also periods of missing time. The author is clearly on a mission to tell us the truth about benevolent ETs and angels and the role they have to play in the process of awakening humanity and helping in the ascension process.

The author mentions right at the outset, “This book LOOK UP My Encounters with ETs & Angels has been a long time in the making”. “I have wanted to write this book for many years but the star people kept saying “Not yet”. In January 11th 2013, the doorway opened to reveal the truth about extraterrestrials, angels and ascended masters.” She further states, “It took many years for me to understand my connection with ETs and angels because of several instances of missing time. Later on she discovered what actually transpired during these incidents during a hypnotherapy session with Dolores Cannon.  All of my encounters have been positive ones; most negative experiences are false and made up by Hollywood. This is one of the reasons why I am writing this book, to stop the fear and lies about our Star family”.

What a fun, inspiring, interesting and informative journey! Devara’s ThunderBeat account of her many interactions with “ETs” is a beautiful story. This book is also extremely instructive as a handbook on how to deal with ET’s and other supernatural situations.

Look Up: My Encounters with ETs & Angels is the perfect blend of psychology and spirituality. It is written in a straightforward and honest manner and is an easy read. There are a lot of photographs and illustrations in the book, which are not only awe inspiring and pleasing to the eye but they also add credibility to the accompanying text. A definite highlight is the Egyptian Journey of paranormal encounters. The adventure is both informative and extraordinarily fascinating at the same time.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone. Devara has the courage to talk about things that most people don’t talk about. She has the intelligence and insight to question some long-held beliefs that need to be revaluated and repositioned in the ever changing context of scientific discoveries. The way Devara states some simple truths and obvious facts which we may not necessarily have taken notice of ourselves, manage to catch you off guard and yet it brings a smile to your lips. The author rightfully encourages everyone to be more open minded, listen to your own heart and to have the courage to ask questions. Remember this book for the rare ray of hope and joyful vision of future it provides in these disheartening times.
UFO’s? Wondering why you haven’t seen them in your life? Maybe now is the time to finally Look Up!

Highly Recommended.

Review by Bani Sodermark And Kevin Peter
5 Stars!
198 pages
Publisher: Balboa Press. Amazon.com

Look Up: My Encounters with ETs & Angels

About the author:
Devara ThunderBeat is an International multi – award winning musician / composer, author, teacher, speaker, 22 DNA facilitator, certified reiki master and a pioneer in sound healing. She resides in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, AZ.
Contact: Devara ThunderBeat – www.ETSandANGELS.com

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