Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment

Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment

by Ruth Cherry, PhD

ruth-cherryWhen we open to heal, we invite the power that creates worlds to move through us and to guide us. We practice presence, we pay attention, and we allow. We acknowledge our partnership with Life and we trust that partnership. We know that we are vibrational beings living in a vibrational Universe. When we consciously monitor the vibrational frequency we practice, we become deliberate creators.

Practicing a healing vibration requires that we release our thinking processes and assume a stance of availability. We practice stillness and we notice what is in our thoughts and feelings. We maintain our detached Observer position and we notice and we allow, notice and allow. We see that we may pinch ourselves off from Source but that Source is always available to us.

When we align with our inner world Source energy center, we don’t react to circumstances. We choose the vibration we practice. We welcome the well-being that always flows to us. We deliberately find better feeling thoughts, and we focus on the solution, not the problem. No matter what is we say Yes. It doesn’t matter if we like what we feel or what another says or does, we always say Yes. Yes, this is my life this second. Yes, I value who I am and what I feel this second. Yes, I choose to participate in my life open-heartedly. And that stance defines passion.

We realize that this moment is all that matters and that our power exists now, this second, not in the future or the past. So, we pay attention to our inner world this second. Because every moment is new, the components of the moment are changing and different from every moment that has been before. Nothing remains the same unless chronic patterns of thought create the same circumstances repeatedly. Beliefs we hold about ourselves influence the reality we create. When we are clear–when we see ourselves as Source sees us–we appreciate ourselves just as we are this second. We are unlimited when we identify with our Source energy center..

When we surrender and trust in meditation and then throughout the day, the vastness of our inner worlds and the pervasiveness of our life experience, leads us to know Source minute by minute. We watch as the Universe responds to us in the people and experiences of daily life. We notice that the vibrational frequency we practice (consciously or not) inside is always reflected outside. We appreciate the unity of the fabric of our experience.

We believe in our worthiness when we see the Universe supporting us. We realize that we have come from the non-physical realm to the physical for the purpose of expanding. We intuit that constantly universal forces love us, guide us, and inspire us. And we celebrate our lives by playing with the Universe in powerful co-creation.

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Ruth Cherry lives on the central coast of California where she practices individual psychotherapy, writes, and leads a daily guided meditation group. She is the author of Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment. Her web site is

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