Life, A spiritual Experience

Life, A spiritual Experience

by Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth Stewart

I see life as a spiritual experience.  I look at people and now understand that you and I are having a spiritual experience, its called life. There are people out there now awakening more and more to their eternal truth.  The truth that is out soul the love that permeates out being…our being right here right now at this moment.

Years ago I found a book about affirmations. At the time I was just looking for a good read.  In this book I found my Spiritual teacher, I did not know what a spiritual teacher was but that is where my new life started.  I don’t think that people quite understand the power of affirmations or the beauty and harmony found in meditation.  We are programmed the minute we are born and veiled as we grow into adult hood finding more fear in our lives, less money and thinking and wondering is this what its all about, but its not.  I felt that veil in the very beginning, I felt that there was something else but I couldn’t see it or feel it, but I knew something else was there and it wanted to wake me up.  I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for learning and practicing meditation…probably down that rabbit hole of horrible feelings and thoughts. You are this perfect person and you should love yourself unconditionally.  You are a great success, you are a magnet to money, you are energy (thank you Michele Blood), you are healthy, and it is persistence of positivity that brings the gold into your life weather it be finding God or your good fortune, your truth.

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My life has become more harmonious and peaceful so when that little ripple develops in your ocean of gold light you understand how deal with it and release it don’t fear it.  About 4 years ago I became a Hospice volunteer.  At the time I registered and passed medical tests I forged ahead, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I knew there would be death in front of me. I saw death, but this helped tremendously on my journey my path my spiritual experience.  My heart opened, and my compassion became real again a feeling that for so many years was hidden.  It brought out rekindling relationships with my family and friends, new friends that will understand you as the ones that don’t will drop off and go away.  Your energy levels will change within you.  There has been so much positivity at my day job, such a change in everybody that works there, increase in production and financial.  I have already received about 5 raises since practicing meditation (which I do daily and will not leave my home until doing so and evening) and learning about affirmations and journaling.

But I felt that I have more of a purpose, I could feel myself growing with my meditation spiritually and along with that a desire to do something else.  After a meditation a vision came into my head.  I always loved to bake and have worked in bake shops part time just to make extra money.  But  in my brain this cake wrapped in white with a Gold Buddha on top of it.  As the cliché goes, never in my wildest dreams would I think about doing this.  But it all merged together one by one these different designs came to me all geared toward the spiritual world. Om symbols, Lotus Flowers, Koi Fish, Laughing Buddha etc etc. all I kept seeing were people smiling while receiving these beautiful cakes filled with positive intentions and HAPPINESS.  When I make these cakes, my mind does not think it just flows while I create.  In the beginning my mind tried to trick me saying that I was to be tired and I must get this done coming home late from my day job.  Now its not like that it just flows.  Now I am The Mystical Baker and am the owner of a cake shipping company called also  Now I sit and realize that I had no idea where the money was coming from to get this started, LLC, website, Liability insurance and everything that has to do with packing and shipping…the money always seem to come at the right Divine time.

So if you feel that there is something missing in your life, or you are constantly trying to fill your life with things and still finding emptiness that is your Divine waiting to share something extremely beautiful with takes time and it takes persistence…I love you Michele thank you for everything and bringing more light into my life.

About the author:

Elizabeth Stewart is but a beautiful smile, lively and extremely happy.  Wanting to do something for others that will bring happiness or laughter with a tear and make you feel at ease.  Strong in many ways, more ways than she thinks or understands, but we all have that presence within us.  Her creativity has always been within her, loving baking as a little girl, spending time in the kitchen with her grandparents, watching absorbing.  That dormant seed was awakened in meditation and brought to life.  Loving the Buddha and all things Spiritual these mystical cakes were created, infused with love and light for you the customer…just to make you smile.  Knowing that you can create something so harmonious in your life by positive thinking and beautiful affirmations is a blessing.

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