Law of Attraction with Dr. Maya Bailey

Law of Attraction with Dr. Maya Bailey

Review by Diane Saarinen

I just love teleclasses. I love the convenience of being able to hear from various experts from all over the world via conference call, without having to leave my home. When I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Maya Bailey speak on the Law of Attraction on a free teleconference call that my own coach had arranged, I decided I wanted to hear more.

Dr. Bailey (or Dr. Maya as she prefers to be called by clients) is not only a coach but a psychologist with 20 years of experience. She also has a specialty of coaching real estate agents, but says she can help folks in any number of fields. She teaches on the Law of Attraction and while she didn’t have a teleseminar series coming up soon, she did allow me to listen in on a series of recorded conference calls from her spring seminar.

In the seminar, Dr. Maya presented her ideas as five steps to follow. These were: knowing what you don’t want; knowing what you do want; finding the “feeling place”; clearing your opposing beliefs; and taking inspired action and allowing results to come to you. Simply put—one needs to be totally clear in one’s mind what it is he or she would like to attract. If one is worried by debt, it doesn’t help to think thoughts of “I’d like to get out of this debt.” Dr. Maya explained that thoughts are energy, and like attracts like. Therefore, according to this reasoning, thoughts of debt will only bring more debt. She suggested being clear on what you do want —such as attracting ideal clients.

But say it with feeling! Dr. Maya instructed that these thoughts won’t go very far without accompanying high-energy feelings, and she went through many exercises with her group (these classes are highly interactive.) Through meditation, Dr. Maya had the group think of what felt good—perhaps being in one’s dream house. Throughout, she reminded everyone to visualize that the goals are already achieved. For the example of the dream house, a statement might be “The Law of Attraction is unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring me my desires. I’m so happy and excited that I am now in the house of my dreams.”

Seems simple so far, yes. But in the fourth class of the series, Dr. Maya was really able to shine with her ability to help the attendees see their limiting beliefs. Here it was clear that she is also a talented psychotherapist with quite a deal of empathy towards her clients. While listening to the recorded teleclasses, I heard her work with one woman who was burdened with the task of being the caretaker at all times, and another who felt that nothing good would ever come without hard, stressful, round-the-clock work. Empowered beliefs were instead substituted when these blocks were encountered with the use of visualization exercises.

Finally, Dr. Maya taught how to take inspired action and allow one’s wishes to come true. The classes were informative and engaging, with Dr. Maya showing a thorough knowledge of the Law of Attraction. The presentation was lively and she peppered the conversation with quotes from Alan Cohen, Henry Ford, Lynn Grabhorn, and Albert Einstein as well from the documentary The Secret.

Dr. Maya doesn’t have any teleclasses currently scheduled, but she does have an ebook on the Law of Attraction and is available for private coaching sessions. Find out more about her by visiting her Web site at, or scheduling an appointment at 707-799-5412.

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