Last Day of My Life

Last Day of My Life

Last Day of My Life
Jim Moret
Phoenix Books

Review by Christine Gertz

While driving on a winding road outside of Los Angeles, Jim Moret, a well-known anchor and analyst on several news networks and television programs, thought about seriously ending his life. He was worried about his career, his family and his future, but his few minutes thinking about who would miss him if he was gone, convinced him to count his blessings.

The Last Day of My Life is the measure of his blessings, from departed friends to family, to some of the great experiences he has had in his career. The Last Day of My Life is a confession and testament to the people and conflicts that have had an impact on Moret’s life. Each of the chapters is a lesson in values and what Moret personally values, such as friendship, forgiveness and music, demonstrated by anecdotes recounted by Moret. His writing is plain and conversational, almost as if he is writing in his diary.

For some readers, Moret’s experiences may resonate and he has an average guy tone and experiences. He struggled with debt, lost his job, a weighty subprime mortgage, a very sick kid and the usual family conflicts. He has also had a life of privilege in Los Angeles, working in the news entertainment industry, and some readers may not be able to see beyond those assets to the regular working person who has just been very fortunate. The Last Day of My Life is corny but sweet and life affirming.

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