Labyrinth Walking for Soul Connection

Labyrinth Walking for Soul Connection

by Nhys Glover

A Labyrinth is not a maze. Let’s clear up that misunderstanding. You can’t get lost in a labyrinth, as it has only one path. Winding and tricky at times, but it is still only one path in to the centre.

Labyrinths come in many designs but the most well-known is the 7 circuit design often called the Cretan or Classic Labyrinth because it was found on coins from ancient Crete.

This Labyrinth is the probably the oldest know to man. Its meaning is shrouded in the mysteries of prehistory. But because of their location at what we believe are sacred sites of earth goddesses, they appear to have spiritual or mystical significance.

Early man, with his worship of the earth goddess, tried to understand Nature, working with it to increase his chances of survival. The design of the labyrinth may have assisted in this process.

The symbolism that can be found in the central ‘seed’ of the diagram can be seen to directly connect man and his Soul with the Earth.

To draw a Cretan Labyrinth you start with this ‘seed’. This centres on a cross with lines of equal length- what is called the ‘cross of matter’. It represents physical existence. The horizontal line represents the earth (horizon) while the vertical line represents the sky (lightning shooting down). The horizontal also symbolises the feminine energies while the vertical, the male forces of nature.

Into each right angled space is drawn another right angle that forms parallel lines to the original right angle. There are four of these. Combined, they signify the ‘four corners of the earth’.

Lastly, a dot is placed at each empty corner of the shape, as if marking out the borders of a big square that holds all the parts of the seed. These dots symbolise the four seasons.

This symbolic interpretation of the ‘seed’ of the classic design gives the walker of the labyrinth a sense of what they are walking into. For many, the journey through the seven levels, or circuits, that form the fully drawn labyrinth, is like moving into the very depths of our connection with the Earth. Into the very heart of our Soul

It is not surprising that Labyrinths have had resurgence in recent years. With environmental issues highlighting the results of the abuse sustained by the Earth and awareness of the soulless existences many people now experience as part of modern day life, it only makes sense that a powerful conduit to link us back to the Earth and our Soul become widely available again.

One of the most powerful aspects of Labyrinth Walking is how it crosses so many religious and cultural boundaries. People walk different designs for slightly different purposes- but for most there is a sense of going within, to the deepest level of Self and connecting with something larger than self. Some call this God; others call it Higher Self or All That Is. The name is unimportant, the sense of connection is what matters.

Draw a labyrinth for yourself on a piece of paper- there is something very Zen about that process- and then walk the labyrinth with your finger. Use it as a moving meditation, allowing the connection to form between your outer and inner worlds. Then just be open to what comes up for you.

If you live near a beach or have access to a large area of land, why not build a full size labyrinth that you can walk. You can also find existing labyrinths for public walking on the world –wide labyrinth locator at

Now, more than ever, reconnecting with our deepest Self- our Soul- is needed. Why not use this ancient design to assist you make that reconnection?


About the Author:

Nhys Glover, Australian teacher and life coach, discovered labyrinths and their power during a time of cancer and death. She was surprised to find that others facing similar life-death situations had found their way to these sacred spirals, too. As her fascination with labyrinths increased, she became the founding Australian Representative of the world wide Labyrinth Society. She also developed the ‘Psyche’s Key’™ tools for Soul connection using the labyrinth as its core. You can find out more about Nhys’ story and her creations at or get a FREE Labyrinth Meditation audio at


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