Koran Burning Reverend: Part II

Koran Burning Reverend: Part II

By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Here’s a follow-up story about the threatened Koran Burning with flow and synchronicity that just has to make you smile.

The other day I was driving in New Jersey listening to the radio and a car commercial came on the air. It was Brad Benson, a large volume New Jersey Hyundai dealer selling cars with the ‘best deals available.’ I remember Brad from his days as a lineman on the NY Giants and usually pay attention to his commercials; some of which are very creative- even giving out ‘an idiot award’ to some deserving person.

Brad continued his commercial and offered that next week he would be giving a brand new Hyundai, valued at $14, 200 to Reverend Terry Jones, Dove Outreach Center. Now, the reason that Reverend Jones’s name sounds familiar is that he was the Reverend that was going to hold a Koran Burning protest on last 9/11/10. It seems Brad called-up the Reverend and offered him a brand new car if he didn’t go through with the burning.  Who knows how many people; including President Obama also requested the same thing. At the time, there was lots of pressure put on Reverend Jones and his followers to call off the burning.

Anyway, a few days after the Koran Burning was cancelled, representatives from the Dove Outreach Center called-up and wanted to know when they could pick-up their new Hyundai.  So, not really being sure what to do, Brad asks his customers and radio listeners if he should follow through on his promise. According to Brad, Benson Hyundai received over 3000 e-mails stating he should make good on his promise.

So, next week there will be a ceremony of sorts at Brad Benson Hyundai and Reverend Jones will pick-up the keys to his new car.

Interestingly enough, Reverend Jones has stated, he will be donating this car to a social service program that helps battered Moslem Women.

Good human interest story or what? Hate and anger turns to love. Or social pressure helps mold a situation.

Anyway you slice people’s motives and their actions this still makes a story that you just couldn’t make-up.


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