Just What Is Worthiness?

Just What Is Worthiness?

by Lisa Greene

Everyone suffers from unworthiness to some degree or another. It is part of our culture, our conditioning and our heritage. The problem is it is a ”state of mind.” There is nothing real about unworthiness. How can an aspect of source be unworthy?

The real epidemic in our society is unworthiness. The Dalai Lama talks about how unworthiness has overtaken the West like nowhere else in the world. It is the first thing we must address in our quest for peace, happiness and awareness.

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Unworthiness is not something you are. It comes from your mind. It is a state of mind. We are all looking for ways to be okay, to be special because of the false belief that we aren’t. “I’ll make a lot of money. I’ll be a good girl. I will be a martyr or rescuer, all so I can be worthy.” Worthy of what? Unworthiness is simply a part of our programming. We are taught to go outside of ourselves for our happiness. Peace is never something we achieve. It is our true nature.

For me personally, religion added a lot to my feelings of unworthiness. I had to go through the priest to get to God. I would listen to the sermon: in one minute I was made in God’s image, in the next I was dirt. Which was it?

I went to a church school. Our teachers told us we must never say, “I am the Alpha and Omega.” Of course I said it immediately. I waited for about a week to be struck down by lightning. When it didn’t happen I began to feel like such a terrible person for sinning against God. I almost thought the lightning would have been better. I began to see how people who feel a sense of unworthiness are easy to control. We will do anything to feel okay, to be worthy.

As I watched and questioned my mind I realized that my deep sense of unworthiness was the driving support that kept my ego mind alive. Much of the ego mind developed to combat our sense of unworthiness. As unworthiness falls away so does ego.

The problem is the way the ego mind goes about trying to make us feel better. It is all done outside of us. “I’ll judge you so I feel better about myself; I’m smarter; I know so and so; or I’m prettier,” are all ways the ego mind compensates for unworthiness. The ego mind is trying to make us okay in the way it was programmed. Of course it doesn’t work and leaves us much worse off.

Unworthiness is not something we are, it is a state of mind. It often comes up as a reaction to a situation or other people. “I’m broke or they like her more so I must be unworthy.” Unworthiness is simply a part of our programming. Just like if we always get angry in certain situations, some situations will make us feel unworthy.

The ego mind knows nothing of our truth. It believes we are separate, we are only our story and our conditioning. This is fertile ground for unworthiness. The more we follow the mind’s program the more separate we feel. The more we question and look at the mind’s solution the more insane we realize it is. We are letting this insanity run our lives because everyone around us is doing it.

The mind really doesn’t have a clue, it always ends up a big mess. Unworthiness affects every aspect of our life: prosperity, marriage, children, work and self worth. We have practiced unworthiness enough that we are believing this role is who we are. Our thinking becomes our reality or karma and round and round it goes. Time to step off that merry go round.

We have been taught to distrust our true nature; but it is our true nature, not the ego mind, which will bring us home. For me, as I watched when unworthiness come up and put space around it I was then able to see it’s programming. Often I would feel terrible and I would hear in my mind, “I’m a piece of crap.” I learned not to react to it. I would watch and see what the program was reacting to, what it would say and what the mind would do to try to “fix it.”

I learned the “I’m a piece of crap” program came up around other people. I didn’t make them happy, they aren’t rescuing me or they don’t see me a certain way. For many of us unworthiness also comes up around money. Money is a good place to begin your work with unworthiness.

As we begin to see the unconscious workings of the ego mind we let go of our fear of unworthiness. We see it is a reaction or a state of mind. As we put light on it and give it space it begins to unravel itself.

About the author:

Lisa Greene, speaker, writer, and educator, has a background in psychology and biofeedback. But it was the eight months of lying on the bed watching every thought that led her to true peace. Go to www.UndoingUnhappiness.com to receive Lisa’s free, inspiring and educational report and mini course on Undoing Unhappiness.

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