June Message from the Faeries

June Message from the Faeries

by Diomira D’Agostino

I thought it might be appropriate to start this message out by sharing with you a bit of my drama on the world stage of Life on Earth. When I sat down to write this month’s faery message, I felt stuck. I thought to myself: “Great! Here I am, said channel for the faeries to come through and speak and I got nuttin’.” Then I felt a faery wisp by me. Before too long, I felt a soft nudge bringing me back to the heart and out of the Ego and the chattering mind. This was a great opportunity for growth and learning. What was I trying to get clarity on this month anyway?

Oh yeah…the second phase of co-creating with the faeries. Last month we learned about the power of praying together. This is the energy that creates a fertile bed in which to plant our seeds of intention. I felt pretty good about that. So where was the block, then? The block was something I couldn’t see and didn’t feel until this moment. Still being stubborn, and giving into the throes of the mind I heard myself think, “What block? I plant seeds of intention all day. I like planting seeds…” I trailed off. I could feel several of them now gathered and hovering ever so slightly above me. They were peering down at me, and waiting ever so patiently, for me to get it.

I surrendered to their gentle touch, guiding me back to the energy of the heart. Therein lay the key. It wasn’t the planting process that I wasn’t attuned to, at all. In fact, it had nothing to do with it. I had been ready to move right into the planting phase when I had no seed to plant. Again my thoughts crept in: “I’ve got tons of seeds! I have a whole list of things I want to manifest. Yep! No shortage…” Who knew I was such an obstinate creature.

I breathed into my heart chakra, trying to center myself. I really desired to listen to them and understand what they were trying to show me. Then suddenly the clouds parted. It was as if a light went off within me. Yes, now I understood. I did have many seeds, seeds of THOUGHT. There were many things I thought I wanted to manifest. I hardly ever stopped thinking (sigh). I had never stopped to check in and really allow my heart’s desire to express itself, though. These are the areas of manifestation the faeries wish to assist us with: desires of the heart. The desires that come from our heart are in complete alignment with Spirit. They always will be in harmony with the whole. Nothing that comes from the heart can be detrimental to you or others. Oftentimes if we can remember a dream we had as a child, we will realize these were of the heart. Then as we “grow up” our rational mind kicks in to ensure us those dreams were childish and have no bearing in the “real world.” Quite on the contrary, they have everything to do with the Real World. Dreams of the heart are more real than anything the mind can think up. It is time to let our heart express. Again we are co-creating, and the faeries wish to help us manifest our dreams. These are seeds of love that are made up of our heart’s desire, and these we will plant in our gardens to grow.

Are we ready to see, feel and hear what are heart wants to say? The faeries reminded me of a beautiful nature meditation that was once shared with me. This meditation allows us to release any blocks or energies which no longer serve. In doing so, we clear space within to allow the beautiful voice of the heart to express.

Begin to breathe consciously and rhythmically as you move into the realm of nature. Tell your heart to guide you to the perfect spot for this process (this should be outdoors in order to connect with the Earth). Once you have chosen your spot, sit down. Consciously send love to everything around you as if to say hello. Send your love to the trees, the birds, the flowers, grass, and anything that catches your attention. Now we can begin our meditation:

Bring your attention to your heart. Ask that your higher self be fully present in your body. Allow waves of love and forgiveness to flood your being. Let the energy move into every nook and cranny of your body, mind, personality. Now start to release. Release that which no longer serves you. Release all those attachments to matter. Release the cords that hold you stuck in your identity, that keep you from moving into your next way of relating to the world. As you release, see all the energy moving into the ground. It is melting away. Allow Mother Earth to take it. She loves this stuff. Mother Earth has the ability to transmute all this energy. It is like fertilizer to her. Keep seeing the stuff fall away. It may take a while. Be patient. You will feel the layers being pulled off you. The Earth will begin to draw all this unwanted energy and absorb it for good. Feel the Mother’s loving support.

Now you are ready to receive. You have created space and can receive the blessing nature has for you. As you begin to receive this loving and supportive energy wrapping you in a blanket, you will notice your heart’s openness. Put your attention there and allow it to speak. See any images or visions welling up. Allow it to show you the desires that have been buried deep within. When you feel complete, send your love and gratitude to the faeries and nature spirits of the area for their support. Now that you have cleared space within, you may wish to sit in nature and ask your heart to express often. Nature has a very supportive energy that allows us to connect with our heart and our spirit.

Next month we will begin to plant our new seeds of intention. Allow yourself to dream. Keep a journal or notebook nearby because an image may come up when you least expect it. They can arise in your dreams as well.

With Love and Faery Light,

Diomira and the Faeries

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