By Jack Schimmelman

Alexandra Leclere, successful television producer, based in Paris and New York, stands firmly in the middle of her life.  Confident of her abilities, she builds her production company through hard work and dedication.  In a moment of time, in a moment of space, a glint from the recesses of her soul catches her eye.  Her heart waits to exhale.  Not quite comfortable in her skin she seeks to disrobe layers of stress, but revealing oneself is frowned upon while taking a meeting with NBC executives.  This confluence of feeling is Alexandra’s reality.  In time she will shed her skin and discover her truth.  Seeing the Dead, Talking with Spirits, published by Inner Traditions Bear & Co., is the story of her unveiling; her transformation.

The reader accompanies Ms. Leclere on her journey from television executive, mother of four, devoted wife, mistress of French cuisine to spirit communicator and healer.  It is a voyage that connects Alexandra with her joy.

As sometimes happens, Ms. Leclere’s journey begins with a serious illness.  She is bleeding, legs covered with blood.  She sees her doctor who tells her that she has fibroids on her uterus.  She sees three doctors.  Each one gives her a choice.  Have a hysterectomy or risk dropping dead in the street.  Not knowing where to turn while her body continues to hemorrhage she chooses surgery.  Before her date with her painful fate, a friend recommends she see a “healer.”  Ms. Leclere is incredulous.  Healers only exist in places like Siberia, not in sophisticated venues like New York City.

Desperation breeds hope.

Ms. Leclere contacts Penny Leyshon, a self-described healer.  Ms. Leyshon tells Alexandra on the phone that she isn’t sure she can help her.  Alexandra is skeptical and becomes even more so when she is told to lie down as Ms. Leyshon proceeds to move her hands over Alexandra’s prone body.  During the treatment, she assures Alexandra that she will suffer one more bout of excessive bleeding and then will be cured.  The television producer sails onto the street powered by euphoria.  After a few weeks, Alexandra can tell that she is getting stronger as her energy level has significantly increased.  She cancels her date with the scalpel.  A year later, her gynecologist tells her that her fibroids are gone and she no longer needs surgery.

As a result of her experience, Alexandra decides to produce a television special about the world of healers.  It is through this unrealized project that she discovers the greatest gift of all – her ability to heal others.  Again, skepticism rules her every step when encountering her own gifts.  During a workshop, she sees people who have passed over and want to give a message to other participants in the workshop whom they have left behind.  Alexandra doesn’t believe what she sees or hears.  But spirit persists until she is forced to believe in her profound ability as a true and powerful healer.

Courage fuels transformation.  Her soul lights her path.

She begins searching firmly ensconced in a man’s world.  Others define her.  She is a devoted wife and mother and works in an industry controlled by men.  PTA meetings, soccer game appointments and all of the accouterments of a suburban life rule her quotidian existence.  She tries to do her business in the margins of her life.  She divides the world between givers and takers.  She is a giver who continuously gives away her power.  But truth prevails.  She follows her divine heart until she permanently bathes in light.

Driven forward, Alexandra senses the new life that awaits her.  For her project, she goes about interviewing a series of healers/teachers, such as Rosalyn Bruyere, John Perkins, Don Cardinal, Melanie Nolbit Gambino, to name but a few.  They all play a role in aligning Ms. Leclere with her gifts.  However, the most unforgettable teacher is a self-taught healer who calls himself Foxes.  Not Fox.  Foxes is a name he claims was assigned to him by a North American tribe.  It is this shaman who initiates Alexandra into the world of Native Americans.  It is this man who captures every scintilla of Ms. Leclere’s calling.  And, finally, it is this teacher who by dint of his offensive personality, forces Alexandra to stand up for herself and claim her own power.

Ms. Leclere’s evolution is heroic.  Finally, she is invited to practice at the New Dawn Foundation which is located in The Oaks in New Rochelle on a beautiful property that borders the Long Island Sound.  After years of searching the world for her essential self, Alexandra lands in place just minutes from her home.  The Oaks is a center for healing.  Today, Ms. Leclere is its director.  The Oaks’ simple elegance embodies Ms. Leclere’s life.  Align with your joy and you will heal.

Bliss lights the night.

Seeing the Dead begins with a prologue detailing a healing session the author has with a new client, Beatrice.  Beatrice had been feeling sick for two years.  In preparation for this session, Alexandra hears her guide instruct her as to how to work with Beatrice.  She is told to pull something out of her client’s heart.  While speaking to Beatrice, Alexandra notices a dark shape forming in front of her chest.  Suddenly, she reaches towards this mass and throws it out the window.  The session ends with Alexandra helping Beatrice connect with her 6-year old, happy self.  More darkness lifts from Beatrice.  Beatrice asks how Alexandra knew she had heart problems.  She leaves the session feeling happy and lighter.  A few weeks later Beatrice calls and tells Alexandra that her cardiologist tells her that her heart condition has disappeared.  Alexandra never touched her.  It is all done through the realm of spirit.

Alexandra Leclere breathes in a land of miracles.

If you wish to know more about Alexandra Leclere, you may visit her website here.

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