Is There an Indigo Children Test?

Is There an Indigo Children Test?

Who are the Indigo Children?

by Naya Lionsong

The Indigo Children started coming to this world over 30 years ago. Their purpose here on earth is to cleanse society of corruption so that we may move smoothly into the new era. Indigo’s have many hardships to face in their lives, so the universe has equipped them with some powerful weapons… stubborness and a short fuse. Their auras are indigo in color, which is why they are referred to as the Indigo Children. Indigo is also the color of the third eye chakra, which governs intuition and psychic ability. Two more tools that are needed in order for them to fulfill their purpose here on earth.

Is your child an Indigo?

Indigo children have an innate understanding of their purpose on this world. They may not know exactly why it is they are here, but they know that they have a profound purpose for being here. They have no problem telling people about it, either, and it frustrates them when adults show a lack of understanding of what they are trying to say.

These children have a hard time with authority, especially people with a “do as I say not as I do” mindset. They have no problems following rules as long as they know “why” the rules exist. If they are told to do something, but not told why they should do it, they will most likely refuse to do it or do it very reluctantly. And they will let you know they are not happy with it too.

If you try to use guilt trips to get what you want from them, you will realize all too soon that you have made a very big mistake. Indigos will feel guilt when they inadvertently do something to hurt another, but if someone tries to make them feel guilty they get very angry. They consider this kind of deceitful behavior an insult to their intelligence.

They will not conform to societal standards. Instead they shape the world around them. If they see something as “wrong” they will try to fix it. They tend to be the one who sticks up for the bullied kid, and they may even stand up to authority figures, such as a teacher, if they feel that person is being unfair to them or another kid.

Some of these children do not do well in school, but it’s not for a lack of intelligence. In fact, they are very intelligent people and are often labeled as gifted and talented. They are easily bored when their school work isn’t challenging enough for them. Many of these kids will even take it upon themselves to skip ahead on their schoolwork just to alleviate this boredom.

Many teachers are put off by these kids because their way of thinking can even make a college graduate question their own intelligence. They may have a tendency to point out to the teacher better and more efficient ways of teaching and/or running the classroom. They will more than likely do this in their own home too.

Other Indigos may often get in trouble for daydreaming. This is also a result of their boredom and need to express their creativity. Indigos thrive on spontaneity and they love to be challenged. They are quickly bored with routines and forget about trying to get them to keep to a schedule. These children often thrive in a homeschool environment because it allows them to go at their own pace (which is usually faster than everyone else’s) and allows them to express their creativity and individualism, something which isn’t often encouraged in a school.

Indigos are not known for their patience either. It’s very difficult for them to stay in one place for too long. If they don’t have something interesting to keep them occupied while waiting in lines or sitting in waiting rooms, they will quite often drive their parents mad. Their perceived lack of concentration because of their daydreaming and need for challenging stimulation, and their inability to stay in one place often lands them with a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD.

The most beautiful thing about these children, though, is their deep empathy for others. They can not stand to see another person hurting and will try do help in any way they can. They seem to just know things that children their age shouldn’t know. Sometimes they will even speak and look more like a wise old person than a young child.

Unfortunately in many cases these beautiful gifts are squelched through the use of drugs such as Ritalin. In many cases, when these children are on these drugs throughout their childhood, they lose these abilities all together. But even though that happens they still know they have a special purpose and they will always carry with them a feeling of needing to be doing something.

Some of them will be able to find their way back to their spiritual path in life, but it is a long and difficult journey for them. Instead of having their childhood to refine the abilities they were born with, they find themselves having to redevelop them and refine them in adulthood, which leaves them with little time to fulfill their purpose.


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