Becoming a Healer: An Interview with Cornelis Reiman

Becoming a Healer: An Interview with Cornelis Reiman

There is a before and an after when people have a life changing discovery, even more when that change comes from an unexpected place. Such was the case of Cornelis Reiman, who never thought would become a healer capable of healing people without even touching them, a man that changed when he visited a remote Thai temple with his wife, a man who shared his story with and which I would like to invite you to know.

How was your life before you became a healer? Was there any sign that you’d be one in the future?

My life was normal before I became a healer. I can add that I am still normal, although I do abnormal things.

Previously, such things as living, education and work for me were not unusual although, in hindsight, I can see how strange things were dismissed because these occurred occasionally. Then, the so-called signs became unavoidable. The problem for me was that I did not know anyone who could help to explain what was happening. Consequently, I learned everything from first principles, thereby letting life and my experience teach me. I wrote about this developmental phase in an e-book on Amazon entitled ‘Getting There.

More specifically, with regard to healing, people felt calm when with me, whether physically or if speaking on the phone. As well, people often came to me for advice, and that gave them obvious benefits. For instance, an Islamic woman stopped seeing a psychiatrist after spending an afternoon speaking with me. I also remember stopping another woman from continuing with her want to commit suicide.

Then there were assorted things that happened, and about which I had no clue until I assessed what was probable and true. As an example, I see the state of health of people by way of specific colours glowing on their body. More correctly, their body glows, say, red for good health, or it glows with shades of yellow to brown for degrees of illness. But, none of this was useful in as much as I saw a health problem generally, but I was unable to do anything about it at the time. Even so, I can admit to touching the forehead of people to take away their headache, which happened instantly.

Clairaudience and clairvoyance also came to me during this period.

Frankly, any so-called signs of me being a healer did not lead me to be one for quite some time.

Do you follow any tradition or healing system?


When healing, do you feel weak and tired? How do you heal without eroding yourself energetically?

I do not feel weak or tired. I can heal all day, all week and all year without it having any effect on me.

I heal effortlessly by being apart from the person and their problems. It has always been like this, even when I touched a patient. Initially, I did touch people because that was what someone said was the way of it. But, I can admit that I haven’t touched anybody in years, yet the effectiveness of my healing increased. Interestingly, people want to touch me because they receive a surge of energy from my body, even when they are at a distance. It makes them feel great. Feedback from patients indicated that they felt energy flow through them from me. I thought it should be the same for everyone, but that was not the case. It could be cool, warm or hot, and this was not because of me making it happen, but because of what was necessary.

How do I heal? It just happens. I don’t even think about it. It is more about natural will, rather than any actual effort. I don’t need to look at people now. I don’t need to know what is wrong with them to fix everything.

Why did you go to that temple that transformed you?

I went to the temple because that was what my wife wanted to do after we returned to Thailand following some time away. She is Thai. Helping out at a temple is a good thing for Thai people to do. I didn’t care about any of that. I accompanied her, and I kept myself busy with personal projects.

The temple did not transform me. It had no role to play. However, it did put me in touch with patients who came there for healing, and that meant I was able to practice what I knew, which grew rapidly in terms of skill breadth and depth.

Initially, I only considered the physical form of a person. It was all about the muscles and bones. Then, I saw inside the bodies of people. Later on, I replaced organs. The next stage of learning for me was seeing whether I could take thoughts out of a person’s mind that made them think they were still sick. Complete calmness came to them because of this.

Soon after, I knew that spiritual impact was real. Spirits could be embedded in a person or remain attached. I saw these and could remove them, too. Then, if all of this wasn’t strange enough, I saw karmic problems and was able to remove all karmic debt.

Basically, I cleanse people at physical, mental, spiritual and karmic levels. I do this without touching anyone. I can admit to disbelieving that any of this was possible until I saw it happen to the people who came to see me.

I know that all of it would have occurred no matter where I was. Simply, Thailand became the place where this unique skill set accelerated.

What got you interested in Buddhism?

I am not interested in Buddhism. I am not Buddhist. I am just me. Even so, I advise monks, nuns and laypeople who come to see me in relation to them being better Buddhists.

Could you describe a common day in this new life you have as a healer?

My wife is active in planning, managing and hosting events at the temple. She is also the person relied upon by others there to fix various management issues. Subsequently, we are at that temple most days, although not always. For instance, we spend more time there when my wife has to work on a particular event or special occasion.

I participate in any temple event when my wife asks me to do so. Other people at the temple, being those who stay there for teaching or healing, are busy all day. They do early morning chanting, give alms at dawn, and they end a day of specific activities with nightly chanting that finishes at around 11 p.m.

A normal day for me is going to my office, which is in a small building constructed expressly for me to meet people. I heal patients elsewhere, as per the temple routine. Even so, my healing is not restricted in any way. It happens wherever I am, and sick people have arrived at my office to ask for help.

People come to see me individually, or in groups. Mostly, to see me, they ask for a time slot a few days or weeks in advance. I also meet with anyone who comes to the temple on the day and who knows about me. Sometimes, a temple person will bring a tourist to speak with me. Lately, Thai people and foreigners only come to see me, and they do nothing at the temple otherwise.

A former patient, a German man, is flying to Thailand next week to spend twelve days of his annual leave with me. An American man flew from Hong Kong just to see me, and did nothing else while in Thailand. He came from the airport, we spoke for a few hours, and he went back to the airport. He brought other people to see me in much the same way, with that happening three times in as many months. This sort of thing happens regularly.

I also answer requests for help from people locally and globally who connect with me through email or internet messaging. As well as all of that, I communicate with otherworldly beings who keep me company.

Each afternoon, at 4:30 p.m., I see patients that temple people have selected for me to see. Those patients tend to be the sickest of the people who come to this temple. I see anywhere from five to thirty people each day, with this depending on how many patients are in the healing program, and how many of these are carefully chosen to see me.

I sit on a platform. Patients arrive one at time and sit with their back to me. A translator reads out details from the patient’s card. These include the age, and days already spent at the temple, as well as whether there is any black stuff, such as the worshipping of malevolent beings. Also, I am told if there is any baby spirit issue, which comes from an abortion. Then, I hear about the physical problems and illnesses.

When I first began seeing patients, I spent ten or fifteen minutes with each one, and I would see them three times in as many days. As I learned, gained skills and grew stronger, this time fell away dramatically until everything was done when the patient looked at me. It was instant. The remaining two or three minutes that they stay entails them asking related questions, or because I might say something to them about their diet and lifestyle.

Often, I have nothing to do. That is when I check international news sites online to keep abreast of world events. Also, I write about anything that could be interesting to people. Several e-books on Amazon written by me include the Healer series, which begins with ‘How I Became A Temple Healer. I also wrote another series of books entitled ‘Thought For The Day On Your Way To Nirvana, and these contain things I have told people when teaching them about a better way of living.

How can someone know a healer is really a healer? Even if we know nothing about healing and energy, is there a way for everyone to know if someone is not the healer they claim to be?

The simplest answer is whether someone has seen or has experienced something positive and lasting after connecting with a healer, whether that was physically or otherwise.

I must admit that, for the first four months or so of me seeing patients at the temple, I did not believe I was doing anything to help them. I thought this way even though they told me how good they felt. Then, on a pleasant tropical morning, one of them told me she had just been to the hospital where doctors found no cancer in her body. That was when reality struck me. I had removed cancer. Since then, I know that many people are alive because of what I have done for them.

As well as taking cancer and disease out of people, which they know, I have fixed many life-threatening problems. I have also taken away such things as the bipolar disorder from people, which meant that their lives changed for the better, and forevermore. In addition, women have wept with happiness when falling pregnant because of what I did to fix them, which was especially joyous for those who were told by doctors and psychics that they would never have children. I have seen people walk to me with immense difficulty, and dance happily after I fixed them.

Cheerful people have paid their respects to me, and they have even shown me their hospital records, as well as telling me how their doctors are amazed at how well they had become.

What are you more focused on right now, healing or corporate advising?

I am not focused on anything. I just respond to what comes my way. It is healing presently, and that might continue.

Admittedly, my healing provides a significant benefit to the lives of people, and that is not possible if I spent my time in any other way, such as consulting in business. The obvious outcome of my healing is pleasing, although it does not drive me. Nothing drives me. I exist, and I do not make anything of myself. Circumstances unfold. People come to me. They need help. I provide it. They are improved.

I do not pursue healing. I not pursue business outcomes. These arise because of what people bring to me. Among those who do seek my help are business people. So, I give them the answers they need when there is no direction evident for them, or if they have confusion about what is possible.

Note that I am no longer on the Board of any organisation, although I remain on the Editorial Board of two journals. Plus, I do an occasional consulting assignment when asked.

If someone wants to become a healer and have you as a mentor or a teacher, would it be possible? What would be the first step in order to be a healer?

Yes, that is possible. I have helped people in ways that remove obstacles. This ties in to what I do in sweeping the habits of thinking away from them. Calmness, clarity and stability follows. Actually, I do this for everyone who sees me. This means that all of these people me will be able to help others more so than before, although only to the extent of their natural abilities.

Many people have expressed their keenness to be healers. I help any who have the potential, although there have only been a few who show promise. For instance, a German healer spent a few weeks speaking with me most days, and that helped her a great deal. In the case of yet another woman, who was also from Europe, I saw that she had talent to be a healer. But she wasn’t focussed sufficiently, even though she asked me to be her guide. I also helped an Australian woman who has healing potential. The constant onslaught of voices coming from the spirits of departed people overwhelmed her. That stopped because of me, and she was able to help people subsequently.

It is important to realise that someone who want to be a healer cannot be distracted. In fact, they must be certain of what they are seeing and what they must do. This cannot be done effectively if they have thoughts held in mind. That approach has improved those who are healers in a more general context, such as medical doctors and massage therapists.

Cornelis Reiman doesn’t ask for any kind of payment for what he does as a healer, teacher or mentor, and can be visited at the temple Wat Trivisudhidham, located in the province of Suphanburi, Thailand. People who see him might make an offering to the temple when they visit or stay, being this their choice.

About the interviewer:

Bader Saab is a digital journalist and self-published writer; a solitary, eclectic Wiccan interested in the darker side of magic and divination; a gothic guy that tries to educate whenever he cans. Hopefully, someday he will succeed in one of them.

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