Inner Kung Fu Healing Through Imagination and Concentration

Inner Kung Fu Healing Through Imagination and Concentration

by Doug Heyes, M.A.

When I refer to the imagination, I am referring to that center of creative consciousness which is the portal to all ideas, to every discovery and invention. It is a part of the human being which is boundless, a property of the Authentic Self. It is the interface through which we connect with Source or the Universe, residing at the nexus of body, mind, heart and soul. It is the channel through which we bridge the island of our consciousness with the sea of our unconscious. Every notable creation of humankind has its origins here. It is powerful beyond measure. Science is a function of imagination rigorously applied. In the realm of health and healing, they clearly work in synergy. The more we can accept that, the more we can start to tap into the limitless potential of imagination as a tool for healing.

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For our purposes, we’re looking to specifically develop the ability to concentrate on images at will, while remaining in a relaxed, open state. Our conscious breathing and light visualization techniques are designed to activate that state of awareness. This is part of what I call the “inner Kung Fu” of healing which just takes time and practice. Said my Qi Gong master, “The secret to mastery of Qi Gong is to do it, and do it, and do it.” Said my Kung Fu master, “You can begin to say you’ve mastered a particular form when you’ve done it ten thousand times.” He wasn’t kidding or exaggerating. As healing artists, the way we grow is by simply doing the work. We don’t have a belt system in place yet.

There’s great freedom and creativity in what we’re doing. The energy of creativity and the energy of healing are so closely related as to be indistinguishable. My first exposure to the “grounds” of imagination and concentration came by way of my early training as an actor – under the guidance of Professor George Shdanoff, artistic director of the Moscow Art Theatre with the legendary Michael Chekhov. Those same skills of imagination and concentration, and the ability to focus the attention on images at will to the exclusion of all distractions, were among the principal skills we used to create the inner life of a character, and thereby to evoke emotional responses in the audience. In my healing work, I find I’m working with exactly the same energies. The only perceptible difference is intent, and the range of responses expands to include the other levels of experience as well – physical, mental, psychological and spiritual as well as emotional. As I began to grow in this work, it was very natural for me to accept the link between imagination and healing. In Oriental medicine, the healing of the body with the mind is a core practice, and the interaction between the body and the mind is a principal factor in treatment. Little by little these ideas are being embraced by mainstream Western medicine.

Science is telling us the Universe is not as we once thought it to be – that it’s a place where things like intelligence and observation and the non-locality of consciousness are fundamental properties that influence the very nature of what shows up in physical reality. So, if we don’t close ourselves completely to the idea that there’s something more going on than we can possibly imagine, we eventually have to come to grips with the idea that there’s something more going on than we can possibly imagine.

All we have to do here is to recognize that everything is composed of matter and energy, and the two are in a constant state of mutual influence. Science now recognizes that we are all interconnected and interdependent, which is a sort of technical way of saying we’re all one. And that “one” is an emanation or expression of “The One” – or, if you will, the Unified Field, as Einstein called it, the Quantum Field, as it is called in theoretical physics, or “Rumi’s Field,” as I call it. Turns out they’re all pointing to the same thing, in effect, the existence of a unifying “intelligent” energy which is an elemental property of the universe, operating in a domain for which the limits of conventional physics simply do not apply, where the speed of light is like “snail mail” in the age of information, where instantaneous communication across incalculable spans of space and time is not only possible, but the absolute nature of the dimension, where the universe is one of infinite, immediate possibility and potential. Now to me, that’s a lot more interesting place to live than a universe that says, “I can’t because I’m too damn small.”

This work makes us question our very conceptions of the way things are and how they operate. I recommend that we all take it one step further: that we simply put down our ideas about what’s possible, about what can happen, about what effect the mind might have on the very organization of matter. Just leave those things at the door; we can always pick them up when we leave. Just for now, we set aside our considerations, judgments, values, knowledge, philosophy, religion, whatever, and just abandon ourselves to this experience and to what we might discover through it.

You don’t need a lot of discipline or technique when you start doing this work. You just need to start doing it. In my case, I was fortunate. I had all my defenses knocked down all at once. I had to get laid flat on a mountainside so Spirit could get my attention. It’s my suggestion that you don’t need to have something that traumatic happen to you in order to get this. It’s there to begin with. It’s part of who you are, and all you need to do is reawaken it.

It’s important to remember that this work is being done, directed and guided by Spirit. I always get a little uncomfortable when I hear the word, “Healer.” I don’t do any healing. That’s Spirit’s job, and She does it beautifully. All we do is open ourselves and invite Her to come in. As I frequently tell my clients: “When Spirit calls, pick up the damn phone!”


The above is an excerpt from THE TOUCH by Doug Heyes, M.A.

About the author:
Doug Heyes became a healer after his own miraculous recovery from a dramatic and life threatening ski injury left him paralyzed from the neck down. This experience led Heyes to learn his craft by studying with some of the world’s master healers and going back to school where he became educated as a psychologist. As well as his thriving practice in Spiritual Coaching, Transformational Coaching and Ram Healing, Heyes is also a red belt in Pyong An Do Wan (Peaceful Mind Way) Kung Fu.

About the Book:
The Touch: Healing Miracles and Methods by Doug Heyes
Findhorn Press (April 2016)  ISBN 978-1-844-096-961  $15.99
Distributed by Legato (a PGW affiliate)

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