In the Oneness of Time: The Education of a Diviner

In the Oneness of Time: The Education of a Diviner

Larson Publications announces a fascinating glimpse into the world of divination and spiritual initiation. In the Oneness of Time: The Education of a Diviner is one of those rare books that connects the ancient and modern, inviting us to share a journey of one person’s awakening to the communion of nature, spirit and the human soul.

Author William Douglas Horden presents this spiritual autobiography as the education he needed in order to conceive and write the acclaimed Toltec I Ching, considered by many the most accurate and relevant interpretation of that ancient divinatory classic. Reading his In the Oneness of Time, we join Horden on the quest to increase his sensitivity to the spirit of change and become an accomplished diviner.

First and foremost, In the Oneness of Time is a moving tribute to the teachers who initiated Horden into their respective traditions: his I Ching teacher, Master Khigh Alx Dhiegh, who initiated him into the Sudden Enlightenment School, and his Tarahumara teacher, Don Alfredo, who initiated him into the mysteries of Mesoamerican shamanism. The result is a book that looks back on a life both adventurous and contemplative, both mystical and magical, weaving the extraordinary events of a lived life into a tapestry of unforgettable lessons.

Publishers Weekly says:

“Diviner Horden (The Toltec I Ching) meanders with intent through vignettes of essential moments of learning from a cast of teachers. His graceful storytelling demonstrates his perception that ‘the entire world is filled with the song of souls moving between lives.’ Though a few anecdotes concern his formal instruction in the sudden enlightenment school with Master Khigh Alx Dhiegh, he learns from shamans and brujos, cowboys, children, and even sea lions and parrots as he travels from Ohio to Mexico and Australia. These lessons take place in cliffs and ruins, a rainforest and a monastery, a youth shelter and a musician’s parlor. The simple dialogue of the encounters feels both mundane and mythic, and Horden also gives his impressions of the ‘In-Between’ world of spirit. Horden’s chapters are emotionally complete even when the back story is not fully explained; an extended set of end notes offers additional information about how he met the people involved, their cultural backgrounds, and occasional supplementary thoughts on the lessons. It is rare to see such a lucid and appreciative summary of a life so well lived, and readers will be inspired not only by the tales Horden tells, but by his example of learning with an open mind and heart.”

HeatherAsh Amara, author, Warrior Goddess Training, says:

“This intimate account of one man’s extraordinary journey to become a diviner kept me turning the pages, excited to see what new gem would be revealed. The wisdom that pours out from both William and his teachers helps us all come back to a remembrance of our connections and the magic within and without. William’s open-hearted communion through his stories bring us back to the invisible thread of mystery that connects us all. Highly recommended.”
-HeatherAsh Amara, author, Warrior Goddess Training

“A riveting read from beginning to end, ‘In the Oneness of Time: The Education of a Diviner’ is very highly recommended for both community and academic library Metaphysical Studies reference collections.”
–Midwest Book Review

“A modern Taoist I Ching Master-Toltec Shaman’s memoir and teaching, using poetic and evocative language, journeys through layered, time altered experiences conveying the ecstasy and intricacies of crossing the unknown and exploring the other. . . a warm-hearted, inspiring story with an invitation to travel with William Douglas Horden on a journey that seldom any tread and to embrace the mysterious as an act of complementarity in the unbounded reality of life.”
– Stan Madson, cofounder of Bodhi Tree Bookstore

In the Oneness of Time: The Education of a Diviner is available directly from Larson Publications and from as either a print or Kindle book..

William Douglas Horden is co-author of The Toltec I Ching as well as numerous other books on divination, spirituality and enlightenment. Visit his website at

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