Improving your Future, Personal Evolution and Power

Improving your Future, Personal Evolution and Power

by Jonathan Tice

Life is a mysterious thing indeed and in this maze of interpersonal relationships as we perfect our relationship with ourself things become very convoluted. We did not receive a guidebook or instruction manual on our arrival here through the Matrix of our mothers womb and the patriarchal society we found ourselves in did not educate us as to the reality of our situation. So we find ourselves seeking elucidation through people who have paved the way for us in order that we might follow by their example.

But a thought I have is this. Have we taken the time to learn from our own example to those around us and ourselves by way of our decisions and life choices? Have you looked seriously at the patterns of your life? The days on which certain important events occurred and how they evolved in time itself? Time is not linear outside of the dimension of time so our souls reside in a state of inspiration which affects our actions. We need to observe our past truth’s in order to ascend in our ability to make decisions.

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Repeating patterns on the Karmic wheel of the universe is where most souls are trapped forever. Millions of years or incarnations falling into the same traps with the same people never evolving by way of changing their present situation by escaping the cage of routine. Look deeply at past relationships both of lovers and friends. Have they been positive and have they launched you further in your passions and goals? Only you can answer this because only you remember the things that were important to you when you were still a child. That time when all things were pure within us and not diluted by the stagnation of this dimension.

Pure souls are rare as most of us have succumbed to the trap here. That is repeating in a loop our past over and over before finally our time is up and we wait to be reincarnated to repeat the same pattern which over the eons becomes entrenched like a thirty year job. There is a way out however, and it is more simple than you may have imagined.

Look at your major decisions in your past. Where you went to school, who you loved, job choices and hobby choices. Who you chose as friends and what family members you may have spent time with. What topics of interest you researched and what dreams you put on the back burner not giving them your full attention. This may be the most important point to consider since most of us do not value our true passions and leave them behind.

What did you want to accomplish and do during your lifetime? Did you want to help people? Did you want to build things or create new ideas? This is something you need to consider and really reflect on. Simplify your life to allow these epiphanies to come into your world.

Ask, expect and accept these new concepts into your life. You must believe you are worthy to receive from the universe or your Creator whatever you believe. You must magnetize yourself to believe you are worthy of good things and blessings from the Universal wheel of fortune. I will tell you a secret. You are worthy of these great things and if you ask you will receive.

As you ask and project these resurrected interests, passions and goals you will start to assimilate new patterns into your life. Different habits that lead to greater discipline and meaning to you and those around you. Study of a subject required or practice of an art form which you which to use to reach people. Music, writing, divination, channeling, cooking, and all skills you seek to use to bless yourself and those around you must be mastered through practice. So you begin to fill your time with what matters deep within. This is where you will begin to see old patterns and habits fighting to stay alive and new ones seeking to take root within you.

Fight to discipline yourself to leave harmful habits and relationships behind. If it something that is not helping you reach your goals and dreams than it is holding you back. You have to put the bolder down and run forward into the future you imagine for yourself in your heart.

For those of you doing healing work or divination, tarot, channeling, reiki, and things like that you must monitor your habits really closely. As you meld with other peoples energy and aura’s things slip off of them and can attach themselves to you very easily. As you cleanse them of there issues and hurts not all of them are recycled during the session by the Angels and get stuck in your chakras. You must take cleansing and purification of your temple very seriously. Do work on yourself and one thing that helps a lot is burning frankincense and myrrh as incense. The resin is affordable and sublime. A small brass incense bowl, small charcoal briquettes and a pound each of the resin from both items will last you quite a while and will cleanse so much of the energy on you and in your home.

If you start to drink more alcohol or eat more food, even if it is different foods take notice. If you are eating much more sugar or have different mood swings and tempers take note of it. It may be spirits and energy trapped in your aura from your altruistic work on others. You need to cleanse and move it out of your space. Ice cream helps a lot as the sugar and creme move great amounts of energy almost lubricating the process. The incense I mentioned is another. Prayer and fasting as well as coffee enemas as prescribed by Dr. Gerson is another form of cleansing. Automatic writing and keeping a journal is another. You must be so involved and in tune with your own nature and energy that nothing can hide within you without you knowing of its presence. This self knowledge will sharpen and hone your knowledge of others and your intuition and channeling ability will grow a thousand fold. Everything you need is held within you. No one really looks within though as we are taught that we are not enough.

I am here to tell you that you are enough and the tools you seek and search for have been inside of you all along. Simplification and refinement of all disciplines is a powerful tool to getting rid of spirits holding on to you from generational curses, or just the luck of the draw in your life. Purity and good will. Judge not lest ye be judged. So detachment from blame or shame, just a willingness to do the work on yourself and to help others improve themselves. We are all in this together and we need each other to navigate the maze we were born into.

Purify yourself by going inward, recognize your passions from the past. Don’t judge yourself but own what you want whatever it is. If it does no harm to others it is fine and you should go for what makes you happy and fulfilled. It doesn’t matter if it is important to another person it only matters if it is important to you. There is a saying and It goes like this. If it is important to you it is important to God and if it is not important to you it is not important to God. So treasure your own desires and breathe life into them again as a god or goddess on this journey we call life which is an opportunity to refine our own awareness of who we are and what our true purpose really is.

Love yourself first and than you will be able to love others. If you accept yourself fully you can accept those around you and that creates a circle of goodness which will build a golden age never before seen on this earth.

About the author:

Jonathan Tice is an exorcist, energy worker, author, inventor, and channeler, who has worked with many diplomats, ambassadors, international doctors, and the more. He has other resources available on Harmonious Integrations at and his novel Hermes Hermetic Heritage, The Rising Stars is a look at a souls journey from the depths to the heights of Heaven through self discovery.

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