by Peter Del Vecchio

How is your imagination these days? Can you remember the last time you considered something fresh, bold, and different?  Can you remember being excited about possibilities, when you had the world by the butt, woke up happy, and couldn’t wait to see what the brand new day had in store for you? Right here and now, I am inviting you to imagine with me, during the few minutes it takes you to read this, and maybe a little bit beyond. I hope you are in a quiet place, a place where the hum and drum of the world is muted, where you feel relaxed and peaceful, and where you can open up to receive.

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I’d like to explore with you the concept of imagining, because there is much to be gained from it that might lead you to find answers to questions you might not even realize you have. I’m inviting you on a journey within, away from what “seems” to be so real, away from pain and stress, distraction, anxiety, and sorrow.

If you look at this page through a good magnifying glass, it changes from what it seemed to be just moments before. You see more detail, and you become aware that everything is made of “pixels” – tiny dots of shades of colors. The photos, the letters, the artwork, even the screen itself – everything seems to be one way, when in truth it is another way – everything. We just need a closer look.  Our hand looks like, well, it seems to be just a hand – but in fact, is it? Skin, hair, nails, muscles, bones, blood, nerves, tendons, pores, lines, ridges, on and on – all these countless “parts” make up the “hand”, which is a “part” of us. Wait – it IS us…  Isn’t it?

We live within a circumstance that seems what it is not. We’re taught that we are bodies, when in truth, are we?  We’re taught that there is a Santa Claus, when in truth, is there?  We’re told that things are a certain way, when, as we grew and learned to see and question, things were not that “certain” way that we were told, were they? Weren’t you surprised? I sure was! So, we just dealt with it, and absorbed the pain, the hurt, the disappointment, and we just kept on keeping on, not really knowing what it’s all about…until one day, we just stopped wondering. Well, most of us did, anyway. Did you?

Prior to the 16th century, the Earth was flat.  Oh, but then one day, it wasn’t any more.  A “doctrine” of the time was that the Earth was the center of the universe, and those who did not agree were jailed or killed. But, oh, right…no, then that wasn’t true any more. Oopsie! Not so long ago, women and children were chattel – men’s property – but, well, we know how that turned out. You get the picture. What seems to be real today might not be real tomorrow.

So, let’s imagine that everything we have been taught since we were babies is completely and utterly untrue. Everything. Let’s just start over. Let’s not blame anyone, because, after all, they were just repeating what they had been told – what they trusted and believed, by virtue of their innocence.  So, let’s forgive those who told us things were so when they weren’t so, because – well, because they just didn’t know. They just believed what they had been told. So, forgiving an honest mistake is a pretty easy thing to do, isn’t it?. Let’s forgive what was done in innocence and move on. We will be much happier if we can release blame and its cousins, guilt and fear, and we will be more open to discover what is really true after all.

We have been told there is a God, who created us out of love, but who also would not be above smiting us to a crisp in an instant if we dare get out of line.  So, we were taught there is a God and that he is worthy of fearing! That’s kind of unfortunate, don’t you think? Do you believe that?  It’s kind of like being told that your mom made your favorite birthday cake, but that she might have put rat poison in it. Ouch. Happy Birthday. I don’t think so.

I am not communicating with you today in order to tell you what to think. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all pretty much overdosed by now on being told what to think, what to believe, who to believe, and how to think. What I am suggesting is that you do think – intelligently and on your own terms – and that you imagine differently than what you were lead to believe about who we are and what this is, and why we’re here – or seem to be here – and what “here” is, anyway. It’s a suggestion, and, since we’re imagining, what harm can it do? It’s your choice. Everything is your choice.

It’s not for me or anyone else to tell you that there is – or is not – a God.  I have my own beliefs, based on my own experiences, formed after spending many years untying the knots that were placed upon me by those I trusted, who told me things were true that were not true. Even my own guru told me things were true that were not true! Ouch again. So the last thing I’m going to do is tell you what to believe.

But I will suggest that you imagine. To begin, imagine that nothing you’ve been told is true. If you had been born as an aborigine, your life certainly would have been different!  Which experience is true?   Both?  Neither?  Hmm. Imagine how you came into being on the Earth, with a wonderful and amazing body, produced from parts of your father’s and mother’s bodies. Wow. Your body is so amazing that when it’s harmed, it heals itself. Of course, there are limits, but think of how many cuts, scrapes and bruises you’ve had. Where are they now?  Some scars, maybe, but the holes are gone – healed. That’s pretty amazing, right?  How much do we really know about our own bodies?

So, we are embodied on the Earth, and we make our bodies do what we want, like a person inside a car drives, steers, blows the horn, flicks the lights, etc.  Sometimes, our bodies make us do what they want!  We do not know how or why; we do not know where we came from, who the “we” is, and we do not know where we are going when our bodies die. We have heard that we will go to either Heaven or Hell. Do we really know if there is a Heaven? What about Hell?  If there is a God, and if he created us, why would he burn us in Hell for “eternity” long after we had already died?  Does that make any sense to you? Or does it sound made up?  When I was just a kid, I reasoned that Hell could not be real, because you need oxygen to have fire, and there’s no oxygen in the spirit world. Pretty cute, eh?  So, why not just accept what we actually know – not what someone told us – who probably didn’t know, either.  Imagine there is no wrong or right, no judges – and therefore no judgment. Let’s imagine there is no reason for fear of punishment. Without fear, we are free to love more purely. Just imagine that for a moment. Can you feel your shoulders relaxing?

Imagine that you are a free being, with no fear, no worry, no guilt, and no anxiety. Imagine that’s you. How wonderful!  Imagining is a very healthy thing to do. “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” How do you feel when you hear John Lennon’s song, Imagine? Can you imagine that he might have been on to something there?

I’ll be back soon to continue our communication, if the folks at New Age Journal think I’m up to it.  If you would like to write, please do – it will be fun to hear from you. In the meantime, please keep on imagining.  Look at the pixels on the path of your life. Keep on looking for what you know is true, and do your best to release what you do not know is true. If your mind is filled with things that are untrue, how can there be room for things that are true? It’s like buying furniture – you have to get rid of the old couch first, so there is room for the new couch! Try not to believe something just because someone else told you it’s true – no matter who that person is (including me). You will feel much lighter in your being – the beginning of real “enlightenment”.

Imagine that!

Peter Del Vecchio is a natural teacher. Spirituality is his foundation, his university degrees are in music, and he is at home in the natural world. He does not promote any particular path, and is a helper with a universal approach, free from dogma. Formerly a yogic monk in the lineage of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, he re-entered society, continuing to learn deeply, eventually connecting with his inner guides. He is the author of The Art of Being Human: Channeled Writings and Commentaries of an American Spiritualist, and is a musician: performer, composer and conductor.

Peter and his wife, Patti, own Within, a healing center in Lexington, Virginia, where they offer services including meditation, stress reduction, workshops, reflexology, energy work and more. You can write to Peter at [email protected], visit him on the web at WITHIN or connect with him on Facebook.

Copyright 2012 Peter Del Vecchio

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A very soothing reading. I especially liked, “Can you feel your shoulders relaxing?” Yes, I can!

Nancy Stemmle

I’m very impressed! Writing seems to be your strength.
Very thought provoking.

Peter Del Vecchio

Melissa: Thank you for writing – and for mentioning that line! I was going back and forth about leaving it in, so I’m glad I decided to allow it to be as it was received! And I’m really glad you could feel your shoulders relaxing while reading the article!

Peter Del Vecchio

Nancy: Thank you so much for visiting and reading the article! I do love to write, and it’s great when people appreciate what has been written. See you soon!
Best regards,

Closely aligned to the imagination you describe is the practice of learning to see clearly, a discipline that requires us to remove the varied lenses we apply in viewing each other and our world. I find that clearing and clearness — that very letting go — are among the reasons that meditation is so important. Or, as has been said, some of the best barns in Rhode Island were designed during Quaker meeting — that is, when the mind was tuned elsewhere!
Best wishes in your upcoming columns. You have much to share.

Peter Del Vecchio

Jnana: Thanks so much reading the article and for the comment and the meditation reference – it is a crucial component in the clarity you reference. I plan to address the importance of meditation in future writings. Stay tuned!
Your Own Self,