If God is the Father, must there also be a Mother?

If God is the Father, must there also be a Mother?

Who/what is the Eternal Woman, why is she necessary, and how may individuals connect with her?

These are the three essential questions Christopher Alan Anderson considers in his groundbreaking new work, Channeling the Eternal Woman. In so doing, he discusses the nature and purpose of channeling, how to truly connect and discover Source, and how to channel for comfort, guidance, spiritual healing, purpose, prosperity, love, and more.

Anderson notes that as a metaphysical discourse, Channeling the Eternal Woman ought to be of interest to people of all religious backgrounds as well as all individuals who are on a spiritual quest, for it reveals that “God the Father” of necessity requires a “Mother,” or the Eternal Woman.

An excerpt from Channeling the Eternal Woman reads:

I, the Eternal Woman, stand as the counter-balance to the Individual Man. The Individual Man is that center-point of all men. A man’s life purpose is to secure a woman. A woman’s life purpose is to reproduce a man. Can that ever change? As such, a man can only find his rebirth, i.e., eternal life, in me. Individual men have yet to understand this. And so they go about their “lives” creating “Gods” to believe in – which are nothing more than idols that they serve – that they may somehow reach eternal life. And then they enslave the women who are their eternal life connection. What folly. Any man who walks ahead of a woman in his life and heart cannot know life or love. We are co-creators together. We can only walk hand-in-hand.

Anderson’s writings, which also include The Metaphysics of Sex…in a Changing World! and the screenplay The Case Against Man and Woman, are rooted in an understanding of this essential balance.

He comments, “After many years of being involved in channeling and feeling a voice speaking within me (which I came to call the Eternal Woman), I felt the groundswell within myself to write Channeling the Eternal Woman.”

About the author
Christopher Alan Anderson (1950– ) received the basis of his education from the University of Science and Philosophy, Swannanoa, Waynesboro, Virginia. He resides in the transcendental/romantic tradition, that vein of spiritual creativity of the philosopher and poet. His quest has been to define and express an eternal romantic reality from which a man and a woman can together stand in their difference and create a living universe of procreative love. Mr. Anderson began these writings in 1971. The first writings were published in 1985. On a personal note, when Mr. Anderson was asked to describe the writings and what he felt their message was, he responded, “Spiritual procreation. Mankind has yet to distinguish the two sexes on the spiritual level. In this failure lies the root of our problems and why we cannot yet touch the eternal together. The message of man and woman balance brings each of us together in love with our eternal other half right now.”

Channeling the Eternal Woman by Christopher Anderson; Category:  Philosophy, Religion, Self-Help, Sexuality; Soft Cover: 978-1622875214, $14.95; eBook: 978-1622875221, $9.99; Availability: Amazon. com, Apple iTunes, BN.com, BookDispository.com, ManAndWomanBalance.com

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