I Heal & Re-Create My Self in My Sleep

I Heal & Re-Create My Self in My Sleep

Re-Creating Your Self By Christopher Stone

We’re continuing with our series of columns about sleep and the dream state as tools for personal change in the Re-Creating Your Self process of personal development.

Last time, we demonstrated how to increase your dream recall, as well as how to create specific dreams that you desire.

This time, we’ll take a page from the book of my life to point out how you can heal and re-create your self in your sleep.  Both of these can help you immeasurably to become the person you want to be, living the life you desire.

I Heal And Re-Create My Self In My Sleep

This true story from my own life is a good example of how creating specific dreams can yield big and life-changing dividends.

At 27, I was athletic and trim, physically strong and healthy, 150 pounds of endless energy. But within a few short months, much of that changed. I felt chronically weak, ill and enervated. Hoping the condition would simply reverse itself, I put off going to a medical doctor. When I became too weak to get out of bed in the morning and go to work, I relented and went to a medical doctor for a complete physical examination.

As part of the physical, I was given a battery of tests. One of them, a test for glucose tolerance, revealed that I had hypoglycemia – in layman’s terms, that’s low blood sugar. After eliminating sugar from my diet, no small feat for a young man who doted on pecan pie and ice-cream, my strength and health returned. But whenever I “fudged,” so to speak, I would promptly feel ill and enervated. Sometimes it seemed that even smelling a sugary treat could make me swoon.

Knowing that I create my experiences – all of them – I took responsibility for creating my blood sugar challenge. I also knew that I could eliminate the problem by identifying, then changing, the beliefs I’d used to create the illness. But because my new diet eliminated the symptoms, and other issues in my life more urgently needed re-creating, I didn’t really focus on healing my self.

Years later, I was still denying my sweet tooth its just desserts. Watching me walk away from sweets I obviously coveted, friends chided, “So, Christopher, when are you going to become the person you want to be, eating the desserts you desire?” Loud and clear, I got their message. It was high time – and then some – that I acted upon my own good advice.

I decided to use my dream skills to help cure me of hypoglycemia. Using the method that I described in the previous column, I requested a dream that would reveal the principal belief I held that had created this challenge in the first instant. I didn’t have my requested dream on the first try, nor on the second or third. Then on the fourth night….

As the dream began, I saw myself as a baby sitting in my high chair in the kitchen of my family’s Bronx, New York, apartment. Also in the kitchen were my mother and a friend. They were talking about my grandmothers, both of whom had blood sugar challenges. (In truth, both of my grandmothers passed from this world because of diabetes-related complications.) In the dream, as I listened from my highchair, my mother was explaining to her friend, “These blood sugar diseases are hereditary, you know – but they usually skip a generation.” Hearing this, I reasoned that my parents were safe, but I was fair game for this type of illness. I began to cry.

Tears blurred my vision. Then, suddenly, my dream location changed. Now I was standing in my maternal grandmother’s kitchen. I was a few years older. Both of my grandmothers were huddled around the stove, stirring a large pot of spaghetti sauce. My Aunt Ida came in. She was carrying the biggest chocolate cookie I’ve ever seen – in or out of a dream. She smiled and gave me the colossal cookie. “It’s a shame your grandmothers can’t eat sweets,” she lamented sadly. Then she added, “Blood sugar diseases are hereditary, you know – but they usually skip a generation.” I dropped the cookie. It hit the floor and shattered as if it were glass.

I awakened suddenly, half-expecting to see cookie crumbs on my bed sheets. I quickly scribbled the dream’s content into my diary. Later, reading the entry, I remembered how many times during my childhood I heard people say, “Blood sugar diseases are hereditary – but they usually skip a generation.” Although I had long forgotten having heard this bleak belief, I had obviously accepted it early in life, and I had created my personal reality accordingly.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: Don’t sentence your self to dis-ease in any area of your life by accepting that your reality is mandated by family history and mortal heredity.

Coming May 1: Interpreting Your Dreams

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