How You Got Stuck

How You Got Stuck

by Lisa Greene

You were born perfect. Consciousness itself coming to experience itself in a new way. Then life happens. We become conditioned and programmed in a way that makes us forget that the peace and happiness that is our truth is right below the surface. We forget that it’s always there. We start believing things that aren’t and were never true. Things like, I‘m unworthy, not enough, I need to compete, I’m separate, and scarcity. These viruses infect us. We become sick and stressed from this programming. As we know, all illness comes from stress but the stress is not from what’s going on out there or what is happening in one’s life. It comes from our beliefs and conditioning.

Most of our programming happens at a very young age. We are little people in a world of giants. These giants can drive cars, get us food, and make us feel better. Our mind comes to interpret things very literally, then it comes to certain conclusions. These mind conclusions often become our beliefs. Your mother says in exasperation, “Can’t you do anything right?” Your mind comes to the conclusion that there is something wrong with you. This becomes a core belief for you. Instead of your mind coming to the conclusion that you are five years old, you have to figure this out, and you’re going to make mistakes; it decides you’re not making mom happy, there is something wrong with you, you’re broken. As adults we can see this, but the problem is we become so conditioned and fearful we still act and believe like the five year old.

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Our mind then comes to even more conclusions, “If I make mom happy then I’ll be OK,” or “I’m just a victim, I need someone to rescue me.” Thus our programs are born. We begin the patterns that go with rescuing, enabling, control, victim, or entitlement. For example, entitlement is a mind conclusion that says the world revolves around me, you need to make me happy or you’re bad.

Eventually we notice, “I’ve been here before. I’m cycling round and round. I’ve tried it this way two thousand times now but it’s still not working.” The mind is saying, “Just one more time. It will work this time.”  And of course it doesn’t. We become lost, fearful, and unconscious, living by our conditioning and reactions. We lose all choice and live by what happened in the past and how the mind interpreted it.

This becomes the story of you. Your belief system, your story, and your life are all now based on your mind’s evaluations and conclusions of things. Most of this you had absolutely no choice in because the information the mind used came from people stuck in their own conditioning. It gets passed down. I call it the “generational curse.”

Of course, we as consciousness, set this up. We had to see what we are not, to see what we are. Sometimes it seems as if we did too good a job hiding our true nature.  But if it was easy it wouldn’t mean anything.  The incredible peace and bliss of losing our story and no longer believing our thoughts are reality make it all worth it. Self realization or enlightenment isn’t something “out there” or something that you strive for. It’s already there, it’s your true nature, it never left you. We are so busy “out there” engaging our minds, story, and conditioning, we lose sight of the truth. One of the things that really helped me was remembering that no matter what was happening, peace was underneath it all. It was always there no matter what. I began to choose that peace more and more. This peace was my freedom, I had a choice, it was home.

The greatest tool we have to undo all the conditioning, story, and mind conclusions is self inquiry. There are two types of self inquiry. There is mental self inquiry which takes your thoughts and beliefs apart, and emotional self inquiry that takes your emotions, resistance, and reactions apart.

Mental self inquiry is where we begin to question our thoughts. We have believed our thoughts and this has become our reality. Those thoughts play over and over every day in our heads. We have 64,000 thoughts a day. The problem is 63,900 are the same thoughts every day, all based on the mind’s conclusions. This becomes the story you live by. By questioning these thoughts you begin to see they aren’t true, you really don’t believe them, and they aren’t important to you. This inquiry helps us to question our beliefs and see if we wish to keep them. We find most of them aren’t true and don’t serve us. Your story is nothing but thought after thought. Most of us live in a mind or thought generated world.

A big part of our western culture or conditioning is to avoid fear or unpleasant emotions. This is because in industrialized nations we are taught to go outside ourselves.  We are taught to pursue more, more, more, and to chase the carrot. We are always chasing happiness and avoiding fear. Many cultures consider us insane, with good reason.

Science shows us the lifespan of any emotion is 1.5 minutes. After that we have to keep it going. We usually have some mental conversation blaming someone else or making excuses for why it’s not our fault. We will do anything not to feel that unpleasant feeling. The mind keeps us in resistance and avoidance. This keep us stuck in our story. We give fear great power through our resistance. The mind knows this and uses it. When you face your fear with no story, a funny thing happens, it disappears. It was the resistance to it that gave it the power. I love helping people to face their fear. At first they are so scared, but they find the fear dissipates very quickly with no story around it. As they sit with it deep peace envelops them, and with the fear gone, their true nature emerges. When we get the false out of the way our truth comes shining in.

About the author:

Lisa Greene has a background in psychology and biofeedback. But it was the eight months of lying on the bed watching every thought that led her to true peace. Her website is For more teachings from Lisa go to

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