How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality With Quotes

How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality With Quotes

When E.L. Graham first met unknown actor Derek Luke, Luke had just one dream, to land a leading Hollywood role and spend his life in an acting career. Following a four year struggle and over 200 auditions with little to no success, Graham agreed to mentor Luke, putting into action his unique brand of wisdom. Graham empowered and inspired Luke to fight on and that focus eventually won him the role of Antwone Fisher, the lead role in the hit movie of the same name.

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Graham’s wisdom is reflected through the quotes of others, unlocking the life-changing power harnessed by and hidden within famous quotes. In The Law of Quotes: Your Keys to Success, Graham leads his reader, showing them how to achieve the same uncanny success as Derek Luke.


Quotes are some of the highest trending items on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. They hold secrets, they tell of hidden powers and abilities you can obtain and achieve for your journey of success or purpose.

It is no accident or coincidence that before computers and social media, influencers, great men and women, philosophers, spiritual and thought leaders, kings, queens, politicians and celebrities dating back as far as ancient times, used, worked and lived by quotes. Think of how nations were motivated by quotes, from Socrates to Sir Winston Churchill to Oprah Winfrey. Movements were started with quotes such as: “Let him that would move the world, first move himself,” “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind,” and “You do not get the things you want, you get the things you believe.”

Its all there for the taking:

“Derek’s story is truly an incredible adventure worth paying attention to,” explains E.L. Graham. “After Derek told me of his dream to star in Denzel Washington’s movie, that night I had a dream about our conversation. After waking up, I knew everything was in place; all he needed now was to turn his dream into a reality. The key words of encouragement and teaching he needed could be found within famous quotes. The affirmation of my teaching is contained and mirrored in iconic quotes, some of which have been knocking around for hundreds of years. Through learning these lessons, Derek finally achieved his dream.

“For the first time I’m now sharing this method with others, so that they can unlock even the wildest of their dreams and live them out with gusto. Everything is revealed through secrets and working principles in a commentary and teaching format style that will resonate with anyone. It’s all there for the taking; anyone can achieve their success, just like Derek Luke.”

With the volume’s demand expected to increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay. The Law of Quotes: Your Keys To Success from Clovercroft Publishing is available now.


Over the course of 25 years, E.L. Graham has extensively studied theology and philosophy. Graham has worked with actors, writers, musicians, film and music producers in Los Angeles and California. His work has been featured on Oprah Winfrey, Charlie Rose, Steve Harvey and Jay Leno talk shows. In addition to the entertainment industry, Graham has worked with entrepreneurs and business professionals. E.L. Graham’s mission is to provide you with the formulas and the keys with which to unlock your dreams and ideas, providing the seeds of your wealth and success.

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