How to take care of yourself as an empath

How to take care of yourself as an empath

by Patricia Smith

Highly empathic people find it challenging to establish boundaries and shielding or create a kind of a barrier between them and the world. Sponging everything around, it affects their mood, emotions, and productivity.

It can definitely be said that being an empath is a heavy gift. You are going to have a lot of emotions and you’re going to feel everything deeply and this can wear you down.

Of course, there is a bright side to it.

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With empathy comes a watery, intense feeling. There is no one else in this world that feels beauty and knows beauty more than someone who’s an empath at the same time.

Being an empath you can feel everybody’s beauty, gifts, and soul in a unique way. You get a very strong feeling that can be described as palpable and tactile the moment you become aware of other people’s godliness and beauty.

If you realize that you’re an empath and you take care of yourself as an empath you will have access to that. If you can take care of yourself as an empath than everything will turn around for you and you will feel people’s beauty and you will greatly benefit from that.

Self-care and self-love are the two things that if you do as an empath can completely change your world.

As an empath, because you end up feeling everybody else’s stuff sometimes it can make you a bit of a people pleaser and you will end up putting your feelings and your emotions on the back, so other people can feel well.

Because you absorb so much of what’s going on around you want to make everybody else feel good.

Being an empath you feel your environment so much you highly invested in everyone around you feeling good that you put yourself before them. You tend to neglect yourself, what you need and what you want in favor of what other people need.

And it can be hard because you have to acquiesce that no one talks to you about this, a small portion of people are aware that they are truly empaths. This is something that we’re not taught as children on how to deal with our emotional state. That is why we have to reverse-engineer ourselves.

It goes deeper than trying to make sure everyone around you is happy so you can feel happy. It’s actually to the point where you’re so empathic that you don’t know where you end and someone else begins. You don’t know what your genuine emotion is and what you’ve picked up from somebody else.

What’s essential as an empath to create balance and to have boundaries is to take care of you.

The first thing an empath can do when they feel like they’re overwhelmed because being overwhelmed is a very common thing for an empath is to immediately train yourself to go into a state of self-care and self-love because the moment you start loving yourself and caring for yourself you automatically create a boundary, a barrier between you and somebody else.

When you give yourself care, you nurture yourself, you recognize yourself, you’re looking at yourself, you’re giving yourself attention so you’re you’re noticing yourself as a different being and you are investing in that. And once that starts to happen you become a little bit more protective of the energy that you invested in yourself. You start to realize how good it feels to have more protection and a natural boundary forms.

The best way to have a boundary between you and other people mentally, emotionally and naturally is to take care of yourselves because the moment you start neglecting yourself, you start to blend with other people and cease honoring yourself.

And what is self-care, what is selfless?

Self-love is self-care and self-care is the beginning of balance for the empath.

If you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed and not sensing your boundaries you want to start with self-care in the most basic way.

You want to start with eating well. Eating well, replacing processed food with organic, eating whole foods, drinking lots of water every day, exercising and breathing properly.

Most the time we don’t breathe properly. Our breathing is shallow or we hold our breath and we’re not oxygenating.

One more basic thing that’s gonna make a huge difference doing is kind self-talk. Talk to yourself in a nice way, watch yourself and make sure that you are having good, loving thoughts towards yourself.

Self-care isn’t all about buying yourself new clothing because you think it’s gonna make you feel better or getting a massage or spending money acquiring things. That’s not necessarily self-care although sometimes you can definitely take care of yourself by spending money or purchasing or gifting things to yourself.

Real self-care starts with the basic. It starts with how you’re breathing, what you’re eating, what you’re drinking, what you’re putting in your body what you’re saying to yourself and exercising. That is going to make the difference for the empath.

The moment you feel yourself sinking down and you feel yourself becoming too heavy, too full of other people, go into the self-care mode, the basic level of self-care and that will begin to create boundaries and will bring you back into balance.

The first thing that empaths usually do is they stop caring for themselves. They just give up. When they start feeling overwhelmed, a sense of paralysis sneaks in.

Empaths are a sponge and the moment that sponge is full they get they feel paralyzed. In order to get that momentum going in bringing the balance back again, it begins with self-care and through self-care as anything that’s not yours will fall away.

Sometimes it can help to put a shield up.

Imagining a psychic shield around you can help tremendously. Other times, what can actually benefit you is not to imagine it as a shield like something that just blocks all energy and contains all energy but actually try to refer it as a filter that only lets neutral energy or higher.

Having a filter not only allows energy to stop flow to you and from you but it allows it to stay at a certain level.

So that can actually benefit to a certain degree with keeping your energy aligned and with keeping things flowing. If you’re putting a filter up and there is something inside of you that you are working on, that you need to realize, it doesn’t matter if you put a shield up or not, that’s going to resonate forward.

A shield or a filter will take the edge off of something.

It will take the edge off an interaction mainly because of the awareness that you’re putting on it. But if there really is something that you need to learn and if somebody is being a mirror for you then even though you have a filter up it will still come forward because that’s the point of being here on Earth and that’s the point of being alive is we can learn, we can integrate and grow.

At the end of the day, if you have a lesson to learn, it will come through anyway. The filter just helps create awareness, an intention that keeps extra miscellaneous energies away and the ones that you really need to work on to come through.

If you’re putting a shield up and you’re very conscious of that and something does come through then you also know that this is something that you should work on. This is something that you should communicate with to find out why it’s coming forward and release it.

Your struggle is understood.

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Patrica Smith is an empathic mother and a blogger. She shares her wisdom about empaths on

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