How to Live from Your Heart

How to Live from Your Heart

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How to Live from Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity,  and Discover Inner Wisdom

by Nanette Hucknall

A long-time teacher and psychotherapist reveals how accessing “heart energy” can bring life-enhancing changes to all areas of your life.

When the heart is fully functioning, it makes a person more whole. This means that the heart affects everything that someone does. For example, if you are working on a project and the project requires both your mental and your analytical skills and you don’t connect to your heart for inspiration, then you are not using your full potential. Using your heart takes skill and concentration, but it will help a person achieve her goals and be successful in any enterprise she undertakes.

Wholeness is also about balance within and without. The heart knows what is lacking in an individual and the best way to handle any situation. If you are uncertain about how to proceed…by checking with your heart you will have a better indication of the best method.

– excerpt from: How to Live from Your Heart

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The heart is the way to higher wisdom and the spirit within. Using your heart as an instrument brings an acceptance of nature’s beauty, the containment of opposites, and a way for healing energies to flow.

Living from your heart means to

  • listen from your heart;
  • relate to others from your heart;
  • inspire and be inspired;
  • learn discrimination, trusting your heart’s ability to know right from wrong; and
  • be open to any possibility and any creative thought.

Heart energy. It comes from an always loving and wise Higher Source. Nurturing, warm, quiet, refined, and all-encompassing, heart energy engenders spiritual growth that fosters creativity, attracts loving relationships, and brings peace and happiness.

This book’s powerful teaching style transformed my old way of living to living from the heart. I am a happier person now than i was before.
– Dr. Ursula Velonis, Department of Philosophy, Los Medanos College

About the author:

Nanette Hucknall, psychotherapist, career therapist, writer, and artist, is co-founder of the Center for Peace through Culture, Inc., and founder and president of Higher Self Yoga, Inc. She has developed and led Higher Self Yoga classes and retreats for over 20 years throughout the United States and Canada. Together with her business partner, Dr. Judith Bach, with whom she co-authored The Rose and the Sword, she has also presented seminars and workshops in North America and Europe. Her website is:

How to Live from Your Heart: Deepen Relationships, Develop Creativity, & Discover Inner Wisdom
by Nanette Hucknall
MSI Press
ISBN 9781942891246
On sale at,, and select book retailers from October 20, 2016

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