How to benefit from gratitude

How to benefit from gratitude

by Sabbir Muslim

There is one tried and tested method to change a negative mindset into a positive one. Gratitude practised on a daily basis gradually switches the preoccupation with what is wrong in our lives to what is right, which paradoxically then attracts more good things.

When there is a mindset of lack and desperation for an external outcome to fix a situation, the outcome will be suffering and distress.

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An antidote for the excessive craving and often negative nature of the ego mind is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude dissolves the dense negative thoughts and emotions that block our connection to a higher power. The resulting consciousness vibrates with the qualities of wholeness and of both being and having enough. Such a powerful energy vibration magnetically pulls positive people, places and situations towards us.

One person I was helping would often moan to me how much she hated her job. One suggestion I offered was to e-mail me a daily gratitude list of at least ten points. After some weeks of doing this I saw on her gratitude list that she was grateful to this same job enabling her to pay her bills and warm her flat.

A friend of mine with diabetes who does daily gratitude lists told me he used to hate doctors, especially when they told him how he should be eating. His attitude has now shifted so radically that he is not only grateful for his medical treatment and insulin but that he can now eat the way they suggest.

By practising gratitude I now appreciate my near-death experience at age 30 when I had acute kidney failure along with a heavenly spiritual experience in my hospital bed. Even though it led to the loss of my job and the disability of daily dialysis it allowed me to focus on spirituality and developing an authentic positive life.

Start to write a daily gratitude list to receive the positive benefits.

Writing a daily list of ten things you are grateful for, irrespective of whether or not you actually feel grateful or indeed even want to write anything.

You may find that as the days and weeks pass you become increasingly appreciative and develop a contentment, along with a sense of being taken care of. The key is to commit to writing every day.

The gratitude list might range from the ordinary to the miraculous. Be as precise and as specific as possible.

For instance, today I wrote I am grateful that:

I am developing a happier vibration, which will attract good people and circumstances to me.
Today I was aware of the sunlight on the oak tree by my window.
The health of my body.
My caring parents.
The birds chirping in my garden.
I have a roof over my head.
My faith is growing.
I have a comfortable home.
The universe is taking care of me.
My loving connections with friends.

About the author:

Sabbir Muslim is a spiritual teacher, coach and the author of Bulletproof Peace 30 Spiritual Secrets of Peace and Happiness. He brings a unique approach to spiritual teaching with a meditative and contemplative approach to guide people to be their authentic self and access higher intuition, happiness and miracles. His purpose is now to share with others how to transcend their limited identifications to realise their limitless self and live an authentic life of love and higher purpose.

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