Help to Live Long, Prosper & Thrive from Life-Changing Books

Help to Live Long, Prosper & Thrive from Life-Changing Books

When it comes to life and its experiences, Patrick Lafontaine has refused to sit still. As the son of a European Union diplomat, his early years and professional life have taken him to Washington DC, every corner of Europe and other equally varied situations.

In short, Lafontaine has experienced life, including the destructive shrouds of bipolar disorder that have aggressively offset his many successes. Now, in what can only be described as two compelling and life-changing books, he is turning these experiences into bold inspiration for others.

A Lifestyle Change!’ and ‘Finding My Way’ are part self-help and part autobiography; powerful beacons of hope and change for anyone looking to live their life differently.


A Lifestyle Change’ – This book is for people who want to trigger a change in lifestyle. A true story, it will reveal the steps necessary to achieve this change, with some precise examples of actions leading to results. Every individual experience is different, but the information contained in these pages should help you to achieve your goal of bringing about meaningful changes to your lifestyle.
Areas of focus include weight loss (17 kilos in 8 months), a progressive reduction in alcohol consumption leading to complete abstinence, and a cost-effective, healthy diet. All of these in turn can lead to better daily living habits, from household decoration, furniture arrangement, choosing the right bed (futon on a Tatami, in my case) and managing your clothes.

This book also comes with a password for a link on my website giving access to: 

  1. A month-by-month Excel template to help you manage your daily life.
  2. A one-off monthly grocery shopping list including weights and costs.
  3. A list of daily intakes by weight and calories (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner).

When these steps are accomplished, you will be able to start making plans that work, within the limits of your budget.

A summary of all steps taken is included.  Afterwards, I explain my thoughts on the flaws in modern society, using personal examples to show how we are headed in the wrong direction. 
My lifestyle change is a solution for better everyday living in a chaotic world.

Finding My Way’ – Patrick Lafontaine, the middle-class son of a European Union diplomat, has lived in Washington DC, London, Brussels, Barcelona and Luxembourg. In 1988, Patrick, with his connections in the modelling industry, put Claudia Schiffer in contact with the Elite Model Agency, where her successful career began. Throughout Patrick’s life, his social circle has involved a range of internationally minded people including ambassadors’ sons and daughters, aristocrats, CEOs of major banks and family owners of global enterprises. An active sportsman from an early age, he is a member of the British Association of Ski Instructors and began playing golf at the age of 10. A keen globetrotter, he has a travelled to Latin America and the east and west coasts of the United States. Extremely familiar with many European countries, he has also made single visits to China, Hong Kong and Japan. Having finally become financially independent, he found his dream job. However, as we will discover, the financial crisis, unpleasant bosses, and various conflicts of interest have all proved problematic. He does not take drugs. Despite suffering from a mental illness (bipolar disorder) that affects just 1% of the population, he manages to lead a normal life. Discover his obstacles and learn how he overcame them. Find out how his weight loss tricks (a healthy diet combined with a low-cost food shopping) led him to lose 17 kilos (37 pounds) in just a few months.

“There’s a frightening juxtaposition in most peoples’ lives,” explains Lafontaine, “between them saying they want to change things and them actually having the drive and tenacity to take tangible steps toward these changes. The point of these two books is to show that changes can be made, and to push people toward doing something that will benefit them.”

He continues, “The advice in these pages isn’t dished out by some white coat-wearing, stuffy professional, but by a guy who has walked the walk and changed his own life against all odds. It’s certainly powerful stuff.”

Please see one the latest reviews for Patrick’s books in The Huffington Post:

With demand for these two books increasing all the time, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

A Lifestyle Change!’ and ‘Finding My Wayy’ are both available now.

For more information and resources, visit the author’s official website:

About the Author:

Patrick Lafontaine, has lived in Washington DC, London, Brussels, Barcelona and Luxembourg. He has worked for firms from various cultures around the globe in sectors ranging from finance to commercial real estate. Patrick holds a BBA and a Master’s degree and has passed the Series 7 and Investment Management Certificate.


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