Heaven and Hell?

Heaven and Hell?

by Stewart Bitkoff

The easiest way to manipulate and control
Is to activate our fear and reward mechanism.
This built in protection
Uses our main emotions: Love & Fear.

O spiritual traveler, gaze about;
See this manipulation in your everyday life.
Identify its use
So you might break free
And rise higher than the angels.

Q:        Speak to me of heaven and hell?

The picture of heaven and hell that has been placed in your mind is a creation of man.  The afterlife, with angels and devils, is not necessarily like this. If you wish it to be this way, as God Wills, upon leaving this life that is your choice; a creation of your own free will choice.

For the most part, visions of heaven and hell are a mental construct and have been placed in your mind by others to manipulate. Behaviors of populations, to achieve specific outcomes needed by political leaders and religious teachers, are more easily controlled when people are frightened.  Particularly when populations believe directives are coming from God through religious representatives.

While there are serious consequences of actions that harm self and others, these outcomes are not simply, burning in hell (for evil doers) and (for the righteous) clouds with angels. Travelers must take responsibility for their lives and learn what is most helpful for their own development.  They learn this by following a spiritual path and gradually learning to hear their own inner wisdom.

Remember you are a child of Light (God) and have come into this realm to work, love and serve by drawing closer to the Light.  Certain actions bring you closer and certain actions distance you.  Learn to follow the higher impulse; it is deep within. Then scenarios painted by others of heaven and hell will no longer frighten and confuse you.

Q:        How do I know when I am following an authentic spiritual path?

You know this by listening to your heart and are not afraid, threatened or coerced by others. In time as spiritual capacities develop you will receive proofs of another sort.

All authentic spiritual paths teach about learning, service and responsibility to self and others.  Authentic paths celebrate life and the importance of not causing harm.

To evaluate ask yourself if your path brings you closer to the Light, life force or God?  Or does your path distance you from your higher self and serving humanity?  You will know this by how you feel to the answers to these questions.

On your path if others want money, allegiance or troubling behaviors (out of fear and reward) then, it is best you separate from them for a time.  Use this time to decide if this is the path for you.  If others resist this period of self-examination be wary and distance  self from them.

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