Healing Workshop CD

Healing Workshop CD

Healing Workshop: Home Workshops for Yourself or With Friends
by Vince Price
CD Published by Paradise Music – www.paradisemusic.us.com
Review by Zareen Khan

healing workshop cdTalk about synchronicity! Having just returned from a weeklong trip to Istanbul with food poisoning and minus most of my luggage it almost seemed as if events had conspired to give Vince Price’s new CD, the “Healing Workshop” a real test drive. It did not disappoint.

While the Healing Workshop may be simple enough to be a beginner’s CD, it is also of significant value to those who may have chosen to advance with a single therapeutic technique and forgotten that there are as yet many other roads not taken.

Describing a healer’s perspective of the energetic universe, Vince Price’s very soothing voice walked me through a succinct introduction to the concepts of energy, chakras, the human aura and the universal energy field. A unique feature of this CD were the exercises that followed each healing modality being described. Thus there were four individual exercises as well as a long concluding meditation exercise.

Price leads us through these meditations and visualizations simultaneously guiding and instructing listeners. This makes this workshop a unique experiential guide to activating not only our natural spiritual powers of psychic and spiritual healing, but also cleansing (and to some extent) balancing of the body’s energy centers.

The organization of the Healing Workshop underlines some of the basic tenets of successful healing which are: there is no single right way to heal; energy is the inherent basis in all healing; we are our own best healers; and the indisputable importance of being in touch with our own bodies and souls. This variety of approaches gives a beginner in the healing arts an implicit permission for personal experimentation and expression. Best of all perhaps, Price also recognizes that developing this gift is not only available to all, but is a matter of trial and error. He offers particularly strong examples not only on how to take ownership of our own healing but also how to take appropriate action upon the guidance one receives and in my opinion these in themselves are reason enough to revisit this CD several times.

Vince Price is a renowned medium and healer whose unique abilities have helped hundreds to communicate with loved ones who have passed on. He has also produced a workshop on ‘Mediumship’ that details exclusively the process of opening ourselves to the sprit world. He currently lives in England and can be reached at vincepricemedium.co.uk. www.paradisemusic.us.com

Zareen Khan is a holistic nurse practitioner in training.

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