Healing Waterfall Guided Meditation Review

Healing Waterfall Guided Meditation Review

Intuitive Guide and Music Composer Max Highstein wants you to relax — preferably, very deeply. Highstein is the author of bestselling guided imagery program The Healing Waterfall, and a series guided meditations, courses, and music CDs used by healers, therapists, clinics, and deep relaxers all over the world. (You can hear samples, and even download a free guided meditation at his web site, www.guidedimagerymp3.com)

It all started back in 1984, when he was a counseling student and musician, struggling to make a living in Los Angeles as a piano tuner. One day it hit him like a ton of pianos (actually, a ton would be just one piano): Why not make a guided meditation that correlates musical key signatures, astrological signs, and parts of the body?

Not registering that this might be a bizarre concept for most people, Highstein connected with it wholeheartedly. He wrote the script, enlisted narration skills of silky-voiced actress Leigh Taylor-Young (Peyton Place, Dallas, Soylent Green, Secret Admirer…), and composed a “cosmic” background score.

It was not a huge hit! But it did develop a distinct cult-following among folk who still search for it online, and find it on Max Highstein’s guided imagery web site. (You can hear samples there.)

Undaunted, Max moved forward, this time hitting on a concept that perhaps a few more people could relate to. Actually, it turned out to be a LOT more people. His next project, The Healing Waterfall, became a runaway best seller, carried by some 1500 little bookstores across the US. The compelling script, Highstein’s immersive music, and gentle narration by veteran TV actress Jill Andre (All My Children, NYPD Blue, St. Elsewhere), proved irresistible to over 100,000 people looking for a way to relax. It’s still one of his best selling titles.

Since then, Highstein has stayed quite busy:

  • He developed a series of guided meditations about healing and relaxation
  • Made a series about spiritual figures (St. Francis, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael)
  • Created a series of guided imagery courses, including one for 12-Steppers
  • Developed the first online course for the hugely popular DailyOm.com — Develop Your Psychic and Intuitive Ability (also available on The Healing Waterfall website).
  • And his gentle instrumental music (Path of The Heart, Sacred Journeys, Daydreams) has become a mainstay for healers and massage therapists, wherever people say things like “turn over, please”.

Today Max Highstein divides his time between “Intuitive Guidance/Spiritual Support” sessions he offers in person (New Mexico) and by phone/skype; working on new meditations and courses, composing new music, and… relaxing!

For more information, and to hear samples and purchase all of his wonderful work, visit The Healing Waterfall. Happy relaxing!


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